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  1. On 2/21/2017 at 4:23 AM, LuckyMcHatchet said:

    *Artyom laughs as hears the familiar voices whining about a child and presses the PTT*

    "I don't know why you men are so horrified at the death of a child. New Moon obviously had a reason to shoot the bitch, and the way I see it, fucking shoot the kid too. She was an enemy of New Moon, she knew the risks."

    *Artyom pauses*

    "Just because you have a vagina and a kid inside your stomach, you think your are exempt from the consequences of this world? Had I been there and known she was pregnant, I would've made sure I killed that fucking kid, then had some fun with the bitch before smoking her ass too. If you are my enemy, I won't kill you. I'll kill your family; Friends, Parents, Lovers, Children. All the while leaving you alive to experience it all. And when everyone you care about is 6 feet under, then I'll kill you."

    *Artyom releases the PTT, satisfied with his rant*

    *Tex hears the transmissions and scoffs thinking to himself how quickly this mans attitude would change. He begins transmitting*

    What are you going for here exactly bud? You trying to sound like a cool little bad ass. Trying to big dick. Or just want to keep running your fucking mouth? Well whatever it is you're trying to do I have to say it's not really working. Am I supposed to be scared of you? Am I supposed to be impressed? Cool dude. you're a little psychopath. All I can say is you're not real intimidating or scary or cool. Just giving you some pointers. Also being disrespectful to these people and there "bitches" as you called her will not get you very far. Oh but wait. No one knows who the fuck you are so you figured you'd be a little radio warrior and big dick. I got it now! Or are you just trying to get attention from big groups? Maybe someone in those groups will stroke your cock? Just a little advice. That's probably not going to work. So how about you just shut the fuck up and stop trying to make yourself seem like a bad ass when in reality you're probably just a little pussy bitch. Thanks.

    *He stops transmitting and lights a cigarette. Thinking to himself* What a fucking idiot.

  2. 13 hours ago, lukzo2024 said:

    *Louie presses the PTT*

    "Shut yer fucking mouth. you won't do fucking nothing you little chiwawa.

    *he then responds to the man looking to meet up*

    "Hello I heard ya sorry for the delayed response I had shit to do. But yeah If you want to come to the Lopatino area we can set up some sort of deal. I won't fuck ya over. I don't see a reason to do so. Just give me a time when you will be around. 

    *Louie releases the PTT*

    *Tex begins transmitting*

    I never said I'd do anything you fucking mong. I told you to fucking off yourself, you pathetic cunt.

    *He stops transmitting*

  3. *Tex takes a chug of Whiskey and begins transmitting*

    "Hey man. Haven't heard from you in a while. You serious? Is Kelsie really dead? The fuck happened? And what happened to Matt? Shit man. Let me know if you need any help."

    *He stops transmitting and takes another chug before whispering to himself*

    Fuck there goes another one.

  4. *Tex begins transmitting*

    You want to make the world a better place. Shove a gun in your mouth and pull the fucking trigger. Do it quick before you decide to get some balls again and kill more people and talk more shit because it's just a fucking cycle for you man.

    *He stops transmitting*

  5. *Tex begins transmitting* 

    Angry? Is that how I came across? Well maybe a little. Considering you killed the unborn child of my friend I thought it would be okay if I was a tiny bit angry. Warrior? Nah man not me. As a wise man.. Nah can't call him wise. As Jesse fucking Carter once said. Peace and love brother. I don't buy into that hippy shit though. Just a simple man to quote lynyrd skynyrd tired of assholes who think they can do shit that's wrong. Now I've had the pleasure of gassing a few people while being in the Horsemen, but never killed a woman much less a woman with a baby inside her. That's a new low in my opinion.


    Now to the annoying Irish who spared me wasting my breath to tell you my name. Yeah he's right. Names Tex. If you're wondering this guy is really fun to take. If you shoot a couple bullets above his head he pisses his pants, and then gets down on both knees begging to suck your cock to stay alive. It's pretty funny. Especially when the only time he can be big and strong is when he has his little band of ankle bitters he calls his *He says in a terrible Irish accent* boys around. Now listen I'm not trying to big dick. Just simply telling a friend that I am here if he needs help and to tell him you New Moon guys are a bunch of bitches. Sorry not sorry if I offended you.

    *He stops transmitting*

  6. 53 minutes ago, Squillium said:

    *Miller, confused by the random man calling him out, presses the PTT* 

    Who the fuck are you?

    *Releases PTT*

    *Tex begins transmitting*

    Don't really think that matters pal. Let's just say I've been around with some other groups who had some problems with you. 

    *He stops transmitting*

  7. *Tex hears the familiar voice and can't help but start transmitting*

    Yeah... I got a story for ya. Some dumb asses wouldn't listen to my advice to keep them safe and did there own childish shit. Convinced me that my friend died. Fucked off without saying a word. I took one of the cunts. He ended up pissing himself. Was really polite to stay alive. Moment he got away talked shit over the radio and then hid like a little bitch. This is the best part. Ya ready? My friend magically came back to life. told me that those people did nothing to stop the people trying to kill him and even helped technically. Talked more shit on the radio and I still haven't found the pussies. Was that a good enough story for you? Hope I entertained you!

    *He stops transmitting*

  8. *Tex hears the news and beings transmitting*

    Shit. Will and Ly I'm sorry to hear about your loss if you need anything let me know yeah? I went up North for a bit to be alone. I'll be coming back soon though. From what I remember New Moon is a bunch of pussies. Millers an even bigger bitch than Izaak was. Anyway fuck those cunts. You need an extra person to help you. Well you know how to reach me my man. I'll come visit you two when I'm back in the country alright? See you soon bud.

    *He stops transmitting. Packs up his backpack and begins walking down a road*

  9. After hearing about the closing of the trading camp he starts to walk down the road. He pulls out his radio and begins transmitting.

    Rogue.. Are you there? I was just getting used to knowing where to find you. Uhm. I guess what I'm saying is I'd like to see you. We haven't really had a chance to catch up and talk. Anyway, I won't ramble on. You know how to get in contact with me. I hope to see you soon. Stay safe sweetheart.

    He puts his radio in his vest and continues walking.

  10. He begins transmitting

    Well sounds like some stupid cunts who don't even know me. Tell you what pal if you're a friend of Jesse's you're a friend of mine as well. We'll find a place to meet and have a chat without the dumb cunts that told you this bullshit listening in because you know they are. Look forward to meeting you.

    He stops transmitting

  11. Tex hears Cash and his face becomes pale as if seeing a ghost. He begins transmitting.

    Cash... What the fuck man. Where have you been. I thought you were dead man. Sounds like you're not far fucking off it. Anything I can do to help? Fuck man. It's good to hear from you again. Don't fucking die you cunt.

    He stops transmitting. Shakes his head saying "What the fuck"

  12. I got really bored and figured why not make a media thread of the pictures I've taken in DayZ. Hope you enjoy :) 


    First one is of @Mexi and @Sofie, when Tim proposed to Sonja. Bringing back all the feels. #RIPSonja


    Don't remember who I was with, but thought the scenery looked good, so I took a picture.


    Maybe my favorite photo was when me and @Cloudy did the titanic scene in Grishino. It was a beautiful moment.


    I took this one on the night that basically the entire server was hunting down The Horsemen. My battle buddy @Undead took aim to look at some people I spotted. Battle buddies for life. Lmao


    This zombie just had to die in a sexy way. 

    I will be updating with more pictures as soon as I take some that I actually think look good. Let me know what you think!

  13. The only problem I have with RP at the moment and why I think it's dead is because to me it seems like everyone on the server is at Green Mountain and honestly a lot of times that makes the place aids. It's hard to RP with the multiple conversations going on. When I leave Green Mountain I'm honestly lucky to find anyone and that just deters me from playing sometimes.

  14. If you hear shots and think hey this may be a firefight. Why would you risk it? It would be better just to leave. Yes. It cuts off a little bit of RP, but if you're thinking from a realistic standpoint. If you heard shots and you didn't know what the fuck was going on you wouldn't want to investigate and talk to the people who were shooting or getting shot at. That's still technically RP because you're scared running for your life and then the next person you meet you can tell them about it. When there is a firefight I don't think anyone's main objective is to RP, because you risk getting killed. I'm sure there are other people you can find on the server to RP with.

  15. Tex would be sitting with Gabe, Tim, and Alex in his bar in Grishino. All of them enjoying a few drinks and having a chat. Tex gets up and says to them "need to take care of that little business arrangement boys. Be right back." He begins to transmit.

    Good evening Ms. Lyaria. You can call me Tex. We met a few days ago, but only had a brief encounter before some "shit" rose up. Anyway, I'm here to talk about a little business deal Rogue told me that you wanted to set up. She talked about setting up a distillery of sorts in the camp. Maybe helping you run the bar, since I have ran multiple bars in South Zagoria including the one you currently run. Anyway I would like to speak with you one on one and work out the details of this little arrangement if you are still interested of course. I understand if you are busy and not able to travel. If you would like me to come down to the camp I'd be more than happy to do so.  Anyway I'll be awaiting your response.

    Tex would stop transmitting and walk back into the bar. Looking at the guys he would say "and no we wait" before knocking back a shot of whiskey.

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