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  1. It was his dream to see the world, but not in this state. Carl has carried himself across the major parts of South Zagoria and surrounding countries. He has been mostly alone but is seeking partners to have a home. Hopefully, there will be people here he can settle down with. It has been far too long since Carl has had good human contact, most others he has seen are no better than the undead. *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* *WIP* * *WIP* WIP* *WIP* *WIP*
  2. Carl

    OMG!!!!! Pokémon Go!

    I work at a county park and, man oh man... People playing everywhere. I "worked" for 12 hours lol. Managed to catch a few cool things, hatched a dragon.
  3. Carl

    Will 0.60 become stable today?!

    Whelp, S2 is up. I move away from my server list for half a minute and it's full. Go figure.
  4. Margret is still currently in game with another person. One of my previously mentioned allies is still in game as well, and is currently recording. Margret came back with a friend after we sent her to Berezino.
  5. Server and location: S1 Khelm Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3/21/2016 11:00 PM Central Time -- 05:00 Server time Your in game name: Carl Burnside Names of allies involved: Johnny Robinson, Liam Fisher, Alek Tokariwski, Tucker Haas, Tyler Bernard Name of suspect/s: Margret Gord Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Sedan Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGHDHZkR6Xk&feature=youtu.be Detailed description of the events: We came back into Khelm because I heard over radio that the car was getting stolen by a lady. We got up there and I see an old woman, who could, "die at any moment". She continued to groan and cough excessively loud into the mic, making Spongebob references, and just being overall trolly. We tried to escort her out of town and she kept refusing. Eventually, we got her out and sent her down to Berezino.
  6. Carl

    Alek's Photo Album - Alek's Media Thread

    Good shit, good shit, boyo.
  7. Carl

    Meeting Community Members IRL.

    WOS out here in Orange, baby. Haha, I knew you were close, Michael. You don't happen to play airsoft, do ya? Yes, this isn't my most recent pic but we might have met here for "Operation Green Zone" Holy shit bro. I remember that op. : Did you used to play with Boomer, Sully, and Thomas, or are you someone else? EDIT: Omfg it is you. I messaged you on facebook.
  8. Carl

    Meeting Community Members IRL.

    Now you know 4 Haha, all I have to say is PNG all the way! And can't wait for MARDI GRAS WOS out here in Orange, baby. Haha, I knew you were close, Michael. You don't happen to play airsoft, do ya?
  9. Carl

    I... Have to go!

    Roach, I wish you luck with the real world, and we'll all be waiting here for you to come back. <3
  10. Good luck, and trust me, don't try to rush through the whitelist. You'll regret it!
  11. Carl

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Sure I will. I'm sure Tony would appreciate someone in our debt.
  12. Carl

    W.I.P. French Foreign Legion: The Civil War

    Name: Philip Smit Team: Joffery
  13. Carl

    DayZRP servers are moving

    New server is actually online, but is getting DDossed as well, so you cannot join. So much for switching servers.
  14. Carl

    DayZRP servers are moving

    Meanwhile in the realm of DDOS...
  15. Carl

    DayZRP servers are moving