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  1. Of course, i want too to try fishing, and hunting like a real survivor. Do you think if someone want to rob me, i can kill him if i've got the opportunity, or it's not RP ?
  2. LQF

    Favorite weapon?

    On my opinion, i think SKS is the better. It give many damages, we can use it at 300m quite good distance.
  3. WTF ! It suck ! You one place and you are full gear ! I hope it's not like that in dayzrp. I've got a question about the gear on dayzrp, all time the server was full, but can we find something or not ? ?
  4. Ahahhah i don't eat human ! It's horrible !
  5. Because when youre in an RP server your life should be valued above all other things! It's very unrealistic to just think "oh its fine if I die and lose everything or what not, I can just respawn and start over" Also... I'd REALLY rather not lose my O- blood type! Sure, i don't think like that. But it's really boring ! But we can play with it Thanks all for your advise i will test that and say you !
  6. Hum ok, so why you don't kill your character ? And the problem is ok no ? And i talk with "young" character. About 2 hours.
  7. So next to a fire you think ? I will test all the supposition and confirm you what is the solution. That may take time ... I don't know for the gorka thanks to the advise !
  8. Hey everyone, i've got one question ask to you: How we can resolve the shaking of ourself on the game. There are 2 shakings, on with the cold etc ... But it'as not it. For exemple, i'm full gear, with gorka pants and jacket, uk vest, i'm energized, hydrated and healing. Even with that my body shaking, with horsontal mouvement. It's so strange. if you don't know what i mean, i will capture a video to show you. Someone can help ?
  9. I hope too Oh !! a canadian friend !
  10. These server is plenty of loot ? Or it very hard to survive ? Just like i love ?
  11. Greeting everyone. I am just a 18 year old Canadian gamer. Im wishing you all a good day and i'm looking forward and hoping to see you all in Dayz