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  1. Fursuits. (Joking of course, or am I? But seriously, they would mess them up) Well, to be honest hoodies that give you the ability to pull the hood up would be nice.
  2. Why hello there! I am that one person's random brother who thought- It would a great idea to join this community! What is there to say about me? Well! I think that saying "I am Stagg's brother" pretty much explains everything. I myself am a furry (not -that- kind I am rather clean) I am also part Brony, Otaku, and Whoovian- quite the mix is it not? I am currently studying ITC and computering in general. (I am the one who made and fixed all of Stagg's computers...) Oh yes! And here is a little secret which I want to let out. When my brother (Staggs) first joined the community. He used my own computer a long time. Let me just say. The lack of sleep and the general fact that he was using my own PC for a few months, drove me insane. And eventually made me end up making his own PC out of a load of spare parts I had. For those who are interested in the specs of his old rig. What else! let's see, basic stuff: I am 16 (going 17 in june) I live in Spain (which I think you are already aware off...) My level of English is far superior to my brother's. Oh! I do like making fun of him. We throw jokes at each over constantly, ex: (Do you get my drift?) Also, he told me I should ask this question on here: "What is the Passphrase?" Yes I know very funny... Please don't kill me If you want to know some things about my history on the internet. I have used quite a few forums in the past. And thus I do have forum experience, along with respect and maturity. What is that I hear you ask? "Why are you joining the community that your brother is on, if all you want is peace and quite and in general don't want to see him on the face of this earth?" Well! How does one put this? Ah yes! I know- I want to kill him. Capture him, and well... Let him suffer the same way I did all these years. If your reaction to this threat- I mean thread was the following... Then I did my job.