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  1. Ok will do we only have one computer is it ok for my roommate to be beside me ?
  2. No one said you didn't have the right I was simply saying it is not needed and yes actually we do simple enough one letter is changed. The u and I the rest is similar as it means something significant to the both of us.
  3. actually yes, we as in I actually am sure that's what happen. I know this site records ip address's as in records your steam and unique id, I'm 28 a grown adult I have no reason to lie and there is no reason to doubt me. although your wording is a bit like your leaning towards distrust as you should but it is not called for, I simply ask that I be given a sixth try. He found another community to play on for his "Role Playing" needs He is not a factor in this decision? I don't even know why he even made the profile it only hinders me. It is not mine, But I understand why it was asked about it may seem I created another profile in hopes of getting more chances. "I quote" I am no rookie to these kinds of servers, nor to this one, I have played on this server enough although a short time back in 2015 but enough to know the steam accounts are tied to the account so I wouldn't even try that, further more if I didn't know that either way this community tracks IP so they can ban that player or white list that player based on unique ID's. But I can contest that profile is not mine, as I stated above " I told him that the steam accounts are linked and you cant unlink them and play on another profile the unique id is stuck to my account and he wouldn't listen and done it anyway because as I said he don't listen and thinks he knows everything But don't. It can be deleted, the account aforementioned. Again I am sorry for this, making it seem like I was going above the rules or trying to get one over on anyone on the site I wasn't and it was never my intention nor did I want to get into the community in any kind of way but the right way
  4. that would be my roommate he was wanting to make one and play on here as well but I told him 2 steam accounts cant be on two different profiles and he didn't listen. So he found out him self. but he is got his own steam account but hasn't bought dayz yet
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/summary-22088/ Why the verdict is not fair: I'm not saying it unfair but I would like another chance Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would like an additional chance the answer was clearly stated in the rules and the first four times was because of the neglect I took not to read the lore fully ....but this question was a rule and I have read that fully now with the lore I have read fully I miss clicked the answer the answer was rules hostilities section 6.5 to the question it says I got wrong. I miss clicked the wrong answer What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get whitelisted to be able to play on the server again as the community here is excellent and I would like to provide a great deal in role play and making the community better. What could you have done better?:I would have read the lore better the first time I failed. and took my time reading the lore and understanding the lore. and taking my time to make sure I had the proper answer clicked
  6. i honestly re read everything for like 4 and a half hours now and only queston I missed was if I'm banned what should I do and I honestly read everything and what I thought was the answer wasn't ...-snip whitelist question- I thought that would be the best out of all the answers ...it gave out of post whatever and hope for a reply, do nothing, or read the post it notes...? I loved this server I was whitelisted ...I spent 4 and a half hours reading everything and one question I got to wait four hours? *sigh*
  7. IGN: ( Major jihad Johnny) Age:25 Country:Australia (american born in Australia) English skills:very good DayZ Mod Experience:i had another account for mod but i have 140 hours in it DayZ Standalone Experience:166 hours of dayzrp Roleplaying Experience:very good at role playing What kind of In Game role best describes you:team/loner/killer/spy Have you been in any clan/group previously:no Additional notes:none really just would like to join clan or group Best way to contact you:steam or on here Steam: chriseverydaylife Backstory: Im born rushed out into the world of jihad, submersed in the ideology of allah, turning my back on the religion that kept my fore fathers i turned to only my self for my self got me in the messed up world i had forsaken my mother forsaken all kin ima rouge agent of allah spy filth turned part zombie as if i really would want to be one of them....i find my self alone ....so alone in this world of filth and death and smell of rotten flesh i am bathed in the fire of combat forced to pillage forced to not break my life is that of darkness....may peace be upon me
  8. lol yea i wonder what the chedaki think now ....but apparently i am on there enemy list lol the only one person enemy lol i take pride in that i must of really put a dent in them
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