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  1. Hey guys, So I was recently trying to become whitelisted again for the community as .60 has come out recently. However when I completed my application I get the error 'your whitelist is not complete'. I have synced my Steam profile with my DayZRP account and everything is in order there so I'm unsure as to what the issue could be. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers, ClamShack
  2. Oh okay cheers mate, havent been active on the forums recently! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Hey guys, I've been apart of the DayZRP community for quite some time now and recently decided to load up DayZ again and play some RP. But trying to load into your US server it booted me saying I'm not whitelisted, even though I was playing on the same sever yesterday? Any help is much appreciated! Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi I'm trying to join US2 but everytime I try and connect it says Server is currently locked, I put in the correct password and everything Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Oh awesome, I will make sure I re-read the rules before I jump on next time so theyre fresh in my mind!
  6. That's a grammatical error on my part, 'I asked what he was going to do next which is when he said he had friends in the tower and was looking to kill Damien and/or the Wong Militia.' - after this I then asked him; ' So you would like to get revenge on the man that did this to you?' and he confirmed, sorry I should have made myself clearer in my initial statement. Sorry also for the confusion over the KoS rights rule, I miss interpeted what it allowed me to do in a situation such as this one. I thought by witnessing the events unfold, talking to members of both parties prior to the event and having one party ask me for help following them telling me their plan, I was within the KoS rights.
  7. I didn't ask for him to seek revenge, I asked what he was going to do next which is when he said he had friends in the tower and was looking to kill Damien and/or the Wong Militia. I didn't persuade him to go back there and attack, I'm fairly certain if I had left him he would have returned anyway, either with another friend or armed, with the intention to seek revenge. I thought that Charley saying that he wanted revenge and him asking for my shotgun would come under the 'You were recently apart of the involved parties group.'?
  8. Hi all, I was up at Green Mountain when all of this went down. I watched Charley slap Damien. I was hanging around Green for a little while longer until I went to get a drink down at the pond to the north, or went AFK (sitting by camp fire) I can't recall which one it was as I had been playing for hours and spent most of my time around Green. However when I came back I saw that Damien had Charley handcuffed and was beating him. My character Floki had an abusive father and whenever he sees physical harm done to another person, an innocent person (in his mind) he doesn't like it, not one bit. So I hung around Green until Damien decided to release Charley. I then proceeded to follow Charley South down Green's road. Before we left the wooded area, I stopped him and said 'Would you like to get revenge on the man that did this to you?' He said he would, so I handed over my MP-133 as I had a Mosin. He proceeded to tell me he had a plan to take out Damien and the group of Wong's Militia in the Green compound as he had friends on the Tower willing to help him out. Charley then ran upto the compound and did a loop around the west side so he was coming in from the North. I was situated on the little hill looking into the compound from the South. Things however went wrong when Damien walked out of the gate and spotted Charley. It was at this point I aimed my Mosin at Damien and took the shot, baring in mind that Charley was facing Damien on the other side (I knew where he was I just couldnt see him). As soon as I took the shot I ran south-west into the forest knowing that Wong's Militia would be guns blazing at any second and I didn't want to risk exposing myself fearing I would get shot. What I had hoped is that Charley would be alive still and be able to take out some of the Militia on the inside while his friends in the tower provided support shooting down below. However it would now appear as I shot Charley, completely by accident (could have been gun sway or Damien moved at the last second exposing Charley). I did not KoS as I had made contact with both groups prior to the event, and I talked to Charley in person about seeking revenge on Damien and the Wong's Militia. I hope that this somewhat clarifies what happened. If I have breached the rules in anyway on here I apologize. In Game Name at time of event: Floki Mosemyr.
  9. Hey guys! I've just joined up to this awesome community and look forward to meeting you all around Chernarus!!