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    S1: Killing of compliant hostage, KOS, BadRP 26-06-16 23:43

    If you would Like, I am open with talking it out in TS. Yeah seems good, what channel?

    S1: Killing of compliant hostage, KOS, BadRP 26-06-16 23:43

    Robert Douglas, This is a shame, sad to see my name being called out as I was one of the only people providing you with RP. My mic was buggy so I resorted to typing, I didn't want to leave you in silence so I tried my bit to RP with you. I even offered you the radio that was taken from you to enhance the RP but you emoted crushing it. I did not shoot at anyone and was trying to work out the hostage situation. When you offer me no means of communication, you give us nothing to RP. Something else to add/touch on, multiple times we asked you to be quiet yet you refused. You kept talking, even after I threatened to shoot you for speaking. In no way did we exact punishment on you for this. Also, to add, our group only returned fire when we were shot at. We were shot at twice before we decided to return fire (This was due to no vision on your group's position). The first casualty on your side was prone, aiming at the barn after your group initiated, Arteh Kovachev was the man that shot and killed him. If your friend was not a part of the initiation then it was surely a misunderstanding and nothing more, but it was silly for him to be up close to the gunfire. Especially when your groups intent was to rescue you. As for your death, I have no information regarding it as I was killed 5minutes before. When we all died we began to discuss what we did wrong, some of our guys were a bit hasty but we know our mistakes and are working to improve on it.
  3. Kirill Kovachev of Bogdanovich sings a variety of Islamic prayer hymns to his brothers as they sit around a fire.
  4. I don't understand where you are getting these numbers from. In the video you can perfectly see that there are only four people, we thought there to be three (on your side), that is why we retaliated. Yes, you may have been a group of 8 or 9, but the point that we didn't know there were others stands. I don't know how its NVFL for fighting what we presumed to be an even fight, even if you did have people hiding. there is also the point that the person that tried to defend him self had a mosin and did it alone. which at the point of his death it took quite an amount of time for the other guy to raise his weapon by himself against 'four people' and at the time the other person didn't even have a gun out! so it was 1 against 4 and 1 against 3 oh and you saying that your saw 4 people is a lie. in the video you can clearly see two people beside the recorder! i was then outside and there was also a man to the right of the recorder! not to mention the man in black. so in the video alone there is 6 people that can be seen in the recording. I've posted all I needed to say and we are only talking in circles. I'm not lying, we saw four men, three in green and one in black. The whole, 1 v 3, 1 v 4, analysis is way too crazy to comprehend. When your being yelled at to put your hands up and you hear gun shots you don't stop to see if your friends are dead. I done what I thought was realistic, and I'd do it again. In all, were not lying and felt that it was an even fair fight, which is why we risked our lives. That's all I've got to say and am happy for a verdict now, thanks.
  5. I don't understand where you are getting these numbers from. In the video you can perfectly see that there are only four people, we thought there to be three (on your side), that is why we retaliated. Yes, you may have been a group of 8 or 9, but the point that we didn't know there were others stands. I don't know how its NVFL for fighting what we presumed to be an even fight, even if you did have people hiding.
  6. As you can see in the video, there is four of you, not six. The man in black, unaware to all of us was with you. This was a three vs three, I'm not sure what's terribly bad about this? That we defended ourselves during even odds?
  7. I believe you misunderstand what a fair or even fight is. There was three of you and three of us. We did not know the man in black was a friend of yours, nor did we know there was more of you in the camp. As I said, from our POV, we thought there was three, and since there was three of us it felt like an easy fight. Little did we know, the man in black was a friend of yours. I don't know how you can call NVFL, when it's a three vs three, that's even. We all died, nobody is complaining about it, nor are we complaining about how you killed a compliant hostage (Radu). I feel like you are reporting, just for the sake of reporting, and for the fact that you can report. Next time if you are going to initiate you should do it behind cover instead of standing in the middle of a field.
  8. The video should show that there was only four of you, including yourself, the two men in green and the man in black. Im not sure where your getting these three other men from?
  9. Outside of the camp was Radu, Chris, Hawkz and myself. Inside of the camps was three people, one in black and two in green. I figured the man in black was not with your group, however, knew through RP that the two in green were. To us that was a three vs three, to which we thought was winnable. Please do note that we did not know Radu had no ammo, so he was unable to return fire. I would argue that the claim NVFL is invalid due to the fact it appeared to be a three vs three. I don't know where you are getting the six man limit from, perhaps the video someone took could prove this. Quite honestly though it's becoming quite tiresome to have to deal with a report after every situation. Even in situations where we are the victims, we are reported, especially for menial stuff such as defending yourself. You guys got the loot you wanted from us, we respawned and carried on. You guys go around in a group and target small groups and individual people to rob which is quite annoying. Now I know that's RP and I'm fine with it but to report them for defending themselves is quite petty. I think you should just chin up and take the death, you don't see us complaining. Perhaps contact us on the forums and ask to talk on TeamSpeak, reporting isn't a required feature of the server.
  10. First of all Grazo I'd like to touch on the avoiding RP bit. When we were talking in the camp, I asked your friend if we could leave, to which he responded with 'Yes you may'. Radu and I swiftly left the camp, to the west side. Whilst running away we noticed that you were following and thought that it was a bit suspicious so we hid in the bushes. When we came out, you spotted us and we took to the hill, fully expecting for you to initiate with your new found friends. Radu talked to you and he asked to leave, you did not tell him to stop so we saw no reason to stay. When leaving Myshinko we noticed that you were following and once more thought you were planning something so we decided to keep running. You never once asked us to stop running or told us to halt. That is why we decided to move on.
  11. Please do note that they were not visible to us. We did not know that you had more than two accompanying yourself.
  12. Robert Douglas POV: I was one of the men accompanying Radu and Chris. We approached the tents and spotted four men, two a with green beret, another in full black and one with a helmet (that being yourself). After a long conversation, with traded insults between your friends and Chris you decided to initiate on us. You screamed at us, telling us all to drop our weapons. Chris and myself returned fire, whereas Radu surrendered. From our POV it was an even fight, a three vs three, little did we know Radu had no ammunition and the man in black was one of your companions. I would argue that because it seemed so balanced, that there was reason to risk our lives and thus would argue your claim of NVFL is wrong.

    S1 RDM/NVFL Myskino Tents - 06-19-2016 2:25

    That will be extremely difficult considering I do not record my gameplay. I have precious little space in my HDD also. Nobody on our side went in or out of the barracks, nor did we tell your friend to go inside it. We simply warned him, stating 'watch out they were by the officer barracks'. With a video from your POV it would show our innocence.

    S1 RDM/NVFL Myskino Tents - 06-19-2016 2:25

    I really would like to see your POV in a video format please. You are denying that you RDM'd myself and my friends? Me and Derek did not die, however Deano did. I really would like to see the kill logs regarding Deano Kovachev's death. We did not just blow up for no random reason, there was 2 explosions. We did not report you for RDM, I see no reason why you are trying to get us banned for something we did not do. It is quite silly.

    S1 RDM/NVFL Myskino Tents - 06-19-2016 2:25

    Well since you have proven that you did indeed not ghost, then I'd like to apologize. I brought up wholly for the petty reason of me being accused of NVFL. Considering I was going to be killed, I decided I'd try and run, maybe make it out alive instead of get lined up and shot by the wall. My accusation was purely based on speculation, as you must see from my POV that it did seem suspicious that ten people had appeared out of nowhere. Taking into account that the place was clear of any players for 20 to 30 minutes. As for the RDM accusation on the opposing side nobody on our TS was responsible, I don't know how we could further prove our case. Something id like to ask however. My friends and I, Deano and Derek were hit by 2 grenades. As shown by your video, there is proof that you had 2 or more grenades, specifically 2 explosive grenades (http://i.imgur.com/mMY34N8.png). At the end of the video, you position yourself in front of the officer barracks and the video ends presumably before we get blown up (http://i.imgur.com/wNEjXqM.png) Might I ask why you threw the grenades and can I request you add on the last 1-2minutes of your video? Purely for the case of RDM, as we had nothing to do with your friends murder, by the rules it states you have to identify a killer. http://i.imgur.com/pzHtqDC.png The moment it blew up we grouped up together and found you. You told us that there was an explosion and told us there was a dead body. We naturally went to check, what's suspicious about that? Of course we would go over to that area, to see what just happened.