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  1. Curoar

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Whitelisted Go rek people with your SMFC skills
  2. Back in mod days, my first day of playing. I geared up all day long and was heading towards the TP for some relaxing time and to meet new people. 300 meters from the TP I got shot instantly, last thing I heard was "Fak yu betch". 10/10 Played again.
  3. Curoar

    This is why we can't have nice things...

    Can someone explain to me since I haven't played SA, what am I seeing besides several hoarded backpacks in one room and how does this make the server crash?
  4. Curoar


    It would be a great addition to the game of dismemberment of body parts and guts for players, zombies and animals. But let's face it. It will never happen because the developers would have to re write a huge part of the game engine. They are lazy and doing a poor job now so we can only dream about it.
  5. Curoar

    Poll Thread

    I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but back when I was a part of a roleplay communities management we had a section "communities opinion" where we would ask for opinion of the community on the changes that the staff decided to implement on the server. It created a nice feedback system with polls and a way to see what the players actually want, rather than just adding stuff in the server based on what staff thought was best. Because the staff always is just a small portion of the server and doesn't represent the whole community and their opinions themselves.
  6. Curoar

    General pacification of the community

    I'll continue to my old post. I come from a vast background of around 8 years of roleplay experience. Ask me something and I have probably have portrayed a character of it through roleplay. Murder is a serious case of action as mentioned in one of the posts above me but there must be a valid reason to commit one. Some may say that this is a survival situation we are in and you ought to fear for your life and be cautious with everything you do. I agree to some part, but this is a game and the engine has its limitations. For stuff as, once again mentioned above, disrespect or being a nuisance to get killed is way overboard. It'll just turn into a KOS fest. Your character has to be mentally unstable and completely and utterly violent and without no empathy. For example, The Governor from the famous TV show Walking Dead. This leads to the fact that then every person might go and roleplay ruthless, ex-military, special forces, bad-ass person who has to be feared without any character development over the course of in-game events. Which is the momentary situation in the server. Because all they want is to win and get the upper hand, nobody likes to loose. They can't think of any other way to have they characters because they lack creativity and that will always be the grey mass of the server. It's everywhere, on all servers and it can only be changed by heavily enforcing the rules on what is acceptable. Of course there might be cases where stuff like that would be allowed but only if you have proven that you are able to actually portray a properly developed character. Even then, a beating with fists which dayz sa allows now would be more acceptable that murder. In my own personal opinion, the main reasons one should rob another person only to satisfy the needs of himself, of course there are other exceptions for groups who roleplay/operate in a unique and specific sphere, e.g.The Masquerade of which I saw a video of hosting a event between to hostages which induces roleplay. For example if you are starving, you rob someone to get food so you won't die. You don't rob somebody because you want his cool m4 with red dot and holo sight and all the other flashy gear, that's just dumb. Why'd you risk your life for something that is not completely and utterly necessary for your survival, since it's a survival situation. I recall there was a faction in mod days which disarmed everyone who had stanag based weapons in name of chernarus, which was really dumb in my opinion. Anyway, I could rant on all day long but I hope you get my idea of what I am trying to say. If the rules are not going to be enforced more strictly it will result to the situation it was before in 2013 where roleplay was not the main element. If you think this, what I said is pacification then I can't explain it to you in any other way because you are still able to do whatever you want if you have a proper, realistic reason behind it.
  7. Curoar

    General pacification of the community

    Oh yes, the old times. When "Drop your weapons you have 10 seconds or DIE" initiation or a vehicle checkpoint at the bayside was enough reason to start a week long war between the groups and their allies or destroy the other peoples vehicle because you popped out of the bush 1 second prior to the car passing at 100 km/h demanding them to stop. That's how it was from my point of view in the mod. But I can't really add anything at the current moment regarding the ongoing situation since I am not yet playing on the server. But judging by all the recent youtube videos I've seen the situation has somewhat improved. As long as you have a proper IC motive backing you, and you have initiated or have been initiated on, I see no reason to not do as you please. Rather than going around and robbing people because "WE ARE BANDIT CLAN HURR DURR WE TAKE YOUR STUFF OR YOU DIE", since it makes almost 0 difference from the regular dayz servers.
  8. From what I've seen the server has actually improved from the time I played at. At least in the quality of roleplay.
  9. Hello! Most of you don't know me since I started playing in late 2013 when the server was on Arma 2 mod. I was a part of CDCR group where we fought the infected zombies and had a samaritan campsite near camp zub, it was during that time when the TP was destroyed, but most of the people with whom I used to play with are banned now. I'll be making my return to the community in the nearest week, when I will purchase the DayZ SA. A little bit about myself. I'm 20 years old and I am from Latvia. I work as a video operator and I am a part of the Latvian National Guard 17th Anti Aircraft battalion. I have around 8 year of roleplay experience in text based games, such as SAMP and whatnot and a few months of experience in DayzRP. Anyway, I hope to see you in-game during the next week. [video=youtube] ^ Skip to 25:40
  10. Curoar

    Frozen's Give Away #2 [Finished]

    78 please
  11. Curoar

    DayZRP 1.2.0 Skins Part 1

    Aaah! I fucking love the white costume ones!