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  1. Standalone hypothermia

    Atta boiiii!!!!!!
  2. If you have evidence and a name of the hacker you can create a report discussion here. Atta boiiiiii!!!!!!
  3. Just me. And my story.

    Atta boiiii!!!!!!!
  4. Is This a Good Name for a Group?

    Followers of Zeus ...Wow I was not expecting that! Well "Hellenism" is the religion of Greek Gods today, if you want more flare add lighting somewhere. EDIT: Will you religion be using flashbangs as lighting? Indeed
  5. Is This a Good Name for a Group?

    Followers of Zeus
  6. Is This a Good Name for a Group?

    Atta boy Sung!!! You're clutch today
  7. Is This a Good Name for a Group?

    I want to name my group the Black Panthers. Is this a bad idea... Not trying to be racist, I just think its a cool name
  8. A second US server?

    Please bruh, the struggle is real
  9. How much are you and your character alike?

    What character, I just am who I am.
  10. Want to say hello :)

    Hello my child, welcome.
  11. Hello everybody, I am Jeff Bean and I am a man of the god Zeus. I am the voice of his truth, I am the light for the people in Chenarus. I will preacher to the lost and guide them like the sheep they are. And I will strike upon those who look to torment and destroy my sheep. For they are the wolves of this world and they must be eradicated. I will slowly slide my knife down the throats of those who intended to consume my sheep for they will taste only my wrath. The mighty Zeus will strike down from the heavens and destroy those who have overpowered me. They will writhe in pain at the sound of my name and they will repent to Zeus asking for forgiveness from their sins. But it is too late for those sheep, for they have wandered away from me into the darkness. I will find them and gut them for the wolves to which they wander, and they will know my name.