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  1. Neofir

    S1: RDM in Vybor Military - 11/25/2016 - 23:20

    Neo McMaze POV: Me and Kaz was looking for stuff at Vybor military, he saw movement and 2 ppl coming in. Kaz went to meet them, and i followed. The tone of the conversation turned hostile almost immediately. I moved away a bit and then the shooting began, i heard Kaz shout something, and then i was dead. I think that if someone is hostile, like they were that is for me an initiation. if you say " I think you're missing the point, i'm not tradig anything, i'm just gonna take it." that is a threat and I'm with Kaz on that point, if you say you're going to take someones weapon without permission that's a very good reason to defend and protect said property. I only saw the two ppl that talked to us, i didn't know there was more behind the wall.
  2. Neofir

    Ban appeal

    No i did not state that i didn´t shoot...the log said so, what i stated was that it had to be a mistake, i must have mistaken him for a zombie. My friend in the background had some problem with his gun, it glitched or something and i kept watch. The man that i shot moved a few steps, then stood still, that´s close to the moving pattern for zombies. It was an honest mistake, what more can i say.
  3. Neofir

    Ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-KOS-Between-Solnichniy-and-Krutoy-cap-24-09-2016-21-45-ish?pid=1581684#pid1581684 Why the verdict is not fair: Was not aware i killed anything else but zombies. And i don´t play that often anymore so i didn´t see the report before monday. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I can´t think when this would have happened really, I do know that i didn´t KOS anyone! I was playing with a friend and we´d been running around for a while looking for Rp...We met a guy at the coast, (between Cherno and Elektro) but he didn´t seem to be interested in rping, he was a new spawn and on his way north. My friend gave him a gun for protection and off he went. We didn´t meet, see or hear anyone else, so we decided to go west. The only times we shot at anything, was to shoot zombies.We didn´t see anyone else, and no one approached us either. The only thing i can think of is that this guy came in our line of fire.I would´nt KOS anyone, there are other servers for that if you´re into that stuff. My character in game is not that good with weapons and we practice alot. So to my knowledge i was not aware of killing anything other than zombies. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To play again of course... What could you have done better?: Since i´m not aware of killing anyone there´s nothing i could do better....
  4. Day 8. Bartek is gone...Izaak, Aniela and me went in to the town today...a total warzone...Bartek was worse and we let him stay inside and rest...we barricated the door from the outside so no one could come in and hurt him while he rested..but when we got back he was gone...the barricade was torn apart...Izaak is very sad, he blames him self for leaving...”i should have been here and cared for him” he said...i'm not sure what to say, what do you say in these circumstances?He wanted to go and look for him, and Aniela said no...”he's not your father anymore” she said..Izaak became angry and said that we did'nt know what had happened..i think we know..he turned zed.. Izaak sits by the window..Aniela is asleep..and i'm writing..what now? Day 9. We need to find a new location..a two story building or something..Izaak is still listless, he wont speak, wont eat and just sits by the window looking out...i'll try to talk to him, we really need to get going.. Day 11. Finally moved from the small house and in to town, i'm kind of the leader right now...I found us a house, it got 2 storys, just like I wanted...i've barricated the stairs and the door...outside there are zombies..i can hear them dragging their dead bodies on the street...in daylight it is'nt that bad being outside, it looks like a warzone as I said, but atleast there's light, I found food...i also found cans of soda...i hauled the stuff to our “camp” took 2 trips..so now we can survive a few more days..have'nt seen any living people, it smells from everywhere..the reek is getting to me...i can't stand it! We have to get out of here before I loose my mind...i can't stand the reek of death anymore!! Day 11 – 12 Izaak climbed out of a window and is now outside somewhere...Aniela is in a state of hysterics, tried to calm her down but she would'nt...atleast she stopped screaming when a zed growled downstairs...what should I do now?wait?and if he somes back what then? What if he's infected! I'm too scared to go out there alone...even if I was'nt...damn... Day 12. So now it's daylight..we will wait for the sun to come up, then we will go outside and look for Izaak...so many what if's..i can't leave Aniela alone..but I REALLY want to get out of here.. *We finally found Izaak...we went back to the small house where Bartek disappeared...There he was, and there also was Bartek..dead..again? Anyway, Izaak went back there to keep his promise.. he shot his father...He is exhausted..he had to lean on me the whole way back..i told them that tomorrow i'm out of here...Aniela said Izaak had to rest...i told her that we don't have time to rest anymore..she got angry and said something in her own language..probably called me an asshole.. when things had calmed down a bit I said that i'm going tomorrow..with or without them..then I went to bed.. I can hear them talking, Izaak has eaten and looks better..i feel cruel to set that kind of ultimatum on them right now, but if I don't get out of here soon..really soon..i will go insane.. it's not just the smell, it's all the other stuff too...there's bits of people everywhere..flies..bloody walls..blood everywhere...it gets in your hair, your clothes, your skin..i can't take it anymore... please let them go with me...i don't want to leave them..but I can't..i just can't stay...
  5. * Been here for 2 days, found some food...cans mostly..i've packed a few but they are too heavy to carry around for long..going on pure adrenaline still, I think...totally numb anyway..found some clothes too, a bit warmer than the stuff I wear...it's november after all..no sign of people...nor animals...found an old axe in the barn, also I found a small gun, but I only have 5 bullets...hope I don't have to use it...Going tomorrow hope to find someone...get some news atleast... *Been on the run for a few days.. I found a town...it turned out to be Sinistok...it looked empty...abandoned...torn apart...there was however...well...zombies...i don't know what else to call them...zombies for fuck sake!!? I've seen most of all the zombie movies out there...but for real?what the fuck? went into a house, that I thought was abandoned...turns out it was'nt...i finally found some living people! My happiness was shortlived however...they were very hostile, talking crazy..a man put a 12 gauge shotgun in my face and told me to kneel before god...fuck that!i ran...they started to shoot and I ran faster...then the hunt began... I ran over some fields, and into the forrest again, I heard them yelling and shooting for a long time...but I think I got away...found a small shed..and this is my camp for now.... *Another town...another hell...this is Vavilovo...also torn apart and abandoned..this time I step carefully, the zombies roam the streets...but thats a good sign I think...found a farmacy, and some painkillers..some other good to have stuff too...my feet are killing me...wont seek other people anymore..whatever it is that's happened to the world, people did'nt make it through sane... ..threw away my cellphone today..kept the sim card though...tried to call home one last time yesterday...no luck..and now the battery is dead....how far does this shit reach anyway? Found an old newspaper, can't read it...not even with the help of my dictionary...but the pictures speak tons...this is the end of the world... **Still Vavilovo...found a construction site...climbed to the top of the crane at once, I hear some zombies roaming around...also found new boots!my feet now loves me...for a while anyway... made a game plan, i'll try to get to one of the coastal cities, I ought to get some news there..i hope there's people...sane people...on the other hand...what if there are people.... i'll get some shut eye now...probably the safest spot in the world right now...on top of a crane... *Lopatino....Zombies galore...seems like the whole town got infected..or whatever..killed 3...getting angry helps, i'm scared as hell...but i'm also angry... in the movies they never seem to die, but hit them just right and they go down...and stays down...they're scary as fuck though...have'nt used the gun yet... found some food...cans again..but I found a locked pantry..there was some dried meat, and some vegetables...nice...so now i've stocked up on food, and water...i'll get going early tomorrow... *Finally reached Vybor...it's been raining for 3 days straight...but now i'm inside atleast...trying to dry my clothes in a room with no heat...Vybor seems big...bigger than the other towns anyway.... **I heard someone running in the street outside my window...it was a guy..i think...he went into another house down the road...a survivor...friendly?hostile?what shall I do?make contact...or hide....shit I don't know... ***went outside after dark and snuck down the road...there are 3 people hiding in there 1 woman and 2 men...they seem non hostile, but who knows... *Made contact...they are friendly...Aniela, Bartek and Izaak...Bartek is Izaak's father, and Aniela is Izaak's girlfriend...they've been held up here for 2 weeks. They lived on a farm not far from here and when the shit hit the fan they made it into town...They too are going to the coast...to Chernogorsk. They said that some army guy told them to go there asap...that was 2 weeks ago... Strange feeling to be among people again, I want to trust them...but can I?sleeping with the gun in my hand... Day 1. I'm making a new beginning. Today is the day we set out for Chernogorsk...it's early still but i'm all packed...me and Izaak went out yesterday and we found some food, more medic supplies and some brand new wool coats!! Been living with these people a week now, and does'nt sleep with the gun anymore...Bartek says that we should take the route to Zelenogorsk by road, but Izaak thinks we have enough food to go cross country, and i'm with him...we wont be vulnerable for hostile encounters if we trek cross country... They think there's still army people in Zelenogorsk and that we will get help and information there...so...i'll go with my new friends to Zelenogorsk, hope for the best and also hope that I meet someone who knows something about my other friends and family...... December -14 Day 5. We're now in the woods on green mountain, or so Bartek says...He's ill, he does'nt eat much and is as pale as a sheet...he does'nt complain though..and wont admit he's ill.... Izaak is worried that the trek has been to much for him...but he is a fit man and has just past his forties...his condition is weird..i think...we've met a few people, some were kind and friendly but suspicious...we came across a man that was very hostile, he started shooting the moment we made contact, but we dodged his bullets and ran away...only a few zombies...found some more ammo, and Izaak found a rifle...not a good one, but it will do..we need to find a house or something, to get dry...and get away from the elements.... Day 7. Found a house, been barricaded for 2 days..not a lot of zombies...Bartek is getting worse..i don't want to say anything, but what if he's infected? We had to fight some zeds a while ago...don't know what kind of symptoms the infection shows...i can't se any bites...is that how you get it?who knows.... I think we are in the outskirts of Zelenogorsk...talked to Izaak about going in tomorrow...we'll talk more later..we sleep in shifts, and it's my turn to keep an eye out...we are in need of some more food...and shoes...i hope we'll find something tomorrow...Bartek is moaning in his sleep...i have to talk to Izaak when I wake him.... *….talked to Izaak, he's on watch now and i'm on my way to get some shut eye...he listened, he nodded...then he said..”He is my father, if he's going zed...i'll shoot him myself..he would want me to...” So i'm not alone in thinking his illness is weird...we've had good luck with water and food so the contagion can't come from there...'cause we feel fine....all things considered...
  6. My name is Neo McMaze, if i don't make it, i want to leave this notebook for whom ever finds it... Something strange and horrible has happened, i don't know what and i don't know how to describe it. My friends and i, their names are...were Jarek Gachev, Milo Pagani, Julien Bazinet, Aiden Cobbett, Sean Cobbett and our guide Matvei... We went on this huntingtrip almost 2 weeks ago, we are....we were far up north...the woods are deep and dark and i've been alone for 3 days now. 3 nights ago we sat around the campfire as usual. Milo heard a sound and we thought it was an animal...it was'nt... Atleast 10 people or whatever they were, attacked our camp...they were fast and they went through my friends like a hot knife in butter...there was blood everywhere..screams.. and i ran...and ran.... Mid November -14 What day is it? Who knows...i've been alone for so long it does'nt even matter anymore...Still in the woods...made some traps and finally caught 2 rabbits...feast tonight... I think my shock is dying down now...beginning to feel...not good....but also beginning to think...better...in a few days i will try to get myself together and get out of here... i mean..the woods can't go on forever..right? If memory serves me right there should be a small town south of here...we headed out from...Sinistok i think it was called...but then again..i'm not sure where i am...what was it...3 days from Sinistok?we went so far...i don't know... *Thinking about the guys again...their screams...all the blood...Jarek screaming at me to run...so i did...i ran like hell...it probably saved my life..Got my stuff together..will leave "camp" tomorrow early... **Been walking for hours, it started to rain..and now i'm soaked..and my feet hurts...got a fire going atleast...found these big rocks, and made my camp between them...i'm so tired, but i don't think i can sleep... Dozed off and now it's pitch black..and the fire is dying down...i'm kind of dry now anyway... **I see houses!!a farm or something...it can't be far...as soon as it's light enough i'll go down there...can't sleep...too exited, tomorrow i'm not alone anymore!! Have to notify the authorities..and tell them about the attack at our camp.. **It was a farm...dear god...it looks like a warzone...or a slaughterhouse...dried blood and stuff everywhere...the smell is awfull...i threw up a few times...What the hell happened here!?! The phoneline does'nt work...there's no electricity...and my cellphone has no reception... found a room in the house that is clean...ish...and the door closes...what the fuck is happening!?Head is spinning..holy fucking god what is happening?!
  7. Hi all! i'm Neofir, and i'm new here! waiting for my whitelist and hope to join you all in game soon