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  1. Quality and Reason for Robberies.

    Hi I totally agree with this statement and many more of several post above. cheers Kazamiz
  2. Hi As for your statement above i would like to say this, and this is from the video, you said " I think you missing the point, im not tradig anything, im just gone take it." So there is a threat and the consequence is, that i will lose my weapon becuse you are going to take it from me, and that is a clear and unambiguous consequence from what you said. And furher more i did not see anyone except you and the female, so there was a chance to handle the situation in my mind. Cheers Kazamiz
  3. Hi As far as i can tell you're just using strongarming as a loophole so if anyone shoots you, you can attempt to get them banned as far as i'm concerned strongarming is just another form of banditry! Cheers Kazamiz
  4. Hi If you threaten ppl and say that you are going to take their belongins without their consent, That hostile and a reason to defend and protect. Cheers Kazamiz
  5. Hi If someone is hostile and say that they are going to take my weapon without permission, that is for me a initiation and a very good reason for defending or protect my belongings, it`s that simple, look at the video. cheers Kazamiz
  6. Hi As the video very well display this was a hostile situation. I tried to be friendly and suggested that we can make a deal about my weapon. But he insisted that he is going to take it anyway. So if you are up to robbing ppl you should be prepared to take the consequences that not all ppl want to give their hard earned stuff away without a fight. cheers Kazamiz
  7. Hello !

    hi,, welcome to the community, and hope to see you in the game
  8. Hello and Hi from Sweden !

    Hello and welcome to our community. Hope to see u in the game
  9. Hello to everyone!

    Hi and welcome I really liked your story, u are just a kind of guy that i would like to meet in the game. Hope that there will be a group that have those goals you wrote about. cya
  10. Hi all :)

    thx, i look forward to be whitelisted
  11. Hello everyone!

    Hello welcome to the community
  12. Hi all :)

    Wanted to say hi to all on Dayzrp, i look forward to get my whitelist soon Kazamiz Dehavilland