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  1. I was with a hoe and 2 guys atacked me, one with a Knife and another with a Axe, i killed both >
  2. How i close this thread? I will try to find this. *Stalone face*
  3. Everybody who have helped me i like to thank, you will check every word, is hard to me because my english is not good as a native.
  4. OMG don't have radom letters here, can be the browser? I have read the rules page like 10 times and I have not seen random letters
  5. Guys i found some sentences but the text box don't support to much characters, don't have a single phrase who have this little characters.
  6. But have 2 pages of rules, wich one contains the pass?
  7. Hi guys i can't find the passphrase, i know i can't recieve help but first: have 2 pages of the rules, which one the passphrase is or can be on both? and i am from Brazil, my english is good, of course I do not speak as well as an American, I already read word for word , I found some sentences but none worked, has some kind of support for another language ?
  8. Capiel

    The story of Phil Krueger

    Nice man, loved the music