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  1. I can't remember if this was in an event thread or just videos in general. I just remember sometime around a year ago I saw a video on here that was a sort of teaser for a character, MAYBE. It was a short video and it was sort of like a scary/horror type of deal. One of the main things I remember was it was nighttime and the one of the people in the video were inside of a building (A jail, or something with bars if I remember correctly) and when they looked out the window they could see the guy standing in the middle of a field. This was a really long time ago, so the details aren't really there in my head. I was just watching a DayzRP movie-type of video today and it made me think of it. I'm almost positive it was some kind of event/character announcement rather than just a general video posting.
  2. I got hypothermia in a normal standalone server (I think it was hypo, that's the freezing one, right?), and have since been struggling to recover my health/blood. I got new gear, and warmed up, even get energized and hydrated. The only problem is, after sitting in a house for 30 minutes, my screen is still just blurry/grey. I can't seem to recover. Anyone know how to fix that?
  3. morgan5796

    Listen to Hobo Zed on walkie-talkie

    This looks great. I'm unfamiliar with the way radios work though. Maybe once I read up on it, I can try to listen in.