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  1. Hi Everyone, I've had this in mind for a while now on how ammunition is the most valuable item in game and how it could be traded for other items weapons etc... I haven't personally seen anything like this suggested. So I ran some very basic figures just as an example for this thread ill go into detail on how all the aspects will effect the final value of each round/box. Type Amount in box Rarity Gun Quality Gun Rarity AVG Value of Box .22 R 50 25 25 58.33333333 1.73 .380 R 35 25 25 33.33333333 1.90 9mm 25 25 50 60 4.32 3.57 R 20 50 25 62.5 5.50 .45ACP 25 75 50 81.25 6.60 7.62x39mm 20 50 100 43.75 7.75 5.45mm 20 25 100 75 8.00 12G Buck 10 25 25 50 8.00 7.62x54mmR 20 50 75 87.5 8.50 5.56mm 20 75 100 66.66666667 9.67 SP-6 R 20 75 75 100 10.00 .308 W 20 75 100 81.25 10.25 So above in the table is just a very basic and crude way of doing it. A value could be assigned to each box/round based on the rarity of the round, the quality of the gun and the rarity of the gun. Here is what I believe should all be taken into account for a full 'ammo economy' to work. The calculation will be based on: Rarity of the Round Common - uncommon - rare - very rare Each level assigned a value such as 25 - 50 -75 -100 Weapons which us the ammo This is a little more complex the above calculation in the table was done purely by eye and my own personal preference. Doing it properly would take into consideration Fire Rate - Dexterity - absorbency - damage - customisation All of those figures would be calculated to get a 'gun rating' for each gun and an average then taken to get a score for that type of ammo. Gun Rarity Common - uncommon - rare - very rare Each level assigned a value such as 25 - 50 -75 -100 An average would then be taken. *Alternatively you could factor gun rarity into the gun rating and have an overall score for each weapon. An average of those scores would then be taken for an overall score for the type of ammunition. Once you work that out a value for a box and per round could be taken using a carefully designed volume to create denomination and bingo you have a currency. Yes i understand this would be a big ask to implement but there are a lot of upsides to it especially from a role play perspective. I could run through a list but i'm sure you've all got your ideas. To get the currency to function you would have to set certain values to items. Weapons would most likely be the best to use as a core and all other items and be bartered for. Once the system took hold the trade communities and groups would start to form and barter and an economy would start. Personally I have this thought of two guys bare knuckle boxing over a backpack of ammo... Any thoughts thoughts and suggestions, would like to hear what everybody thinks! Cheers
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    PC Upgrade help

    A common misconception with the arma series is that "you need a better graphics card" arma is very processor heavy i run a i5-4690k with a gtx 680 and can run arma at maximum with no issues p.s i had a friend over clock my processor and gpu
  3. The DayZ Dev team have already said that seasons are very difficult to do as it would require a new map for each season. Although it would be really cool i just don't think its going to happen.
  4. **Without hesitation replies** *Begins Transmission* *Hello Frank and Ami, This is the Doctor. Name a place and time and i will do all i can to be there* *Ends transmission*
  5. **Runs into house and pushes chair against door to barricade, the dead bang on the door while screeching and groaning** **Walks into next room and shuts door to reduce the noise of the dead** **Pulls out radio and listens to the incoming transmission** *Begins transmission* *Hello Ami its nice to meet you. If you are not a doctor are you first aid trained or a med student? I would love to meet up with you we must discuss further you can contact me on the frequency 144.28 KHz, I repeat the frequency 144.28 KHz... Dr. George House ending transmission* *Ends transmission*
  6. **A grin forms on my face as i listen to the radio** **He then replies with an enthusiastic voice** *Hello Frank, i'm glad someone heard me and no it wasn't you i was referring to! I will look out for you and wish you the best if you find anybody out there that can aid my cause you can contact me on this frequency... Good luck out there... Dr. George House over and out* *Ends transmission*
  7. I did feel as if i didn't deserve it, my character is a Doctor and all i wanted to do was help him.
  8. If you feel if there is a possibility of there being a rule break please feel free if not just mark as solved
  9. Ahh ok, first time ive been robbed so lesson learnt thanks Whisky Tango
  10. Ok thats fair enough, just seems like i wasn't given enough time to react
  11. Yer was instinct but then tried to put my hands up
  12. I look up with my gun in my hand but then started the hands up animation
  13. Server and location: S4 Berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 9:00 server time / 15/03/2015 Daytime or Night-time:Daytime Your in game name: Dr George House Names of allies involved: Aurel Balinsky Name/Skin of suspect/s: Fresh spawn unknown name Suspects weapon/s: Magnum & AKM Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles involved Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video of event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSeCUmI8xiA&feature=youtu.be Detailed description of the events: I'm running down the road when a fresh spawn appears who had just looted the police station. I greeted him and handed over supplies to give him a helping hand. As i go to pass a revolver to my friend he picks it up off the floor (I was passing the revolver not dropping it on the floor for all to pick up but dumb move on my part). He then proceeded to initiated and as i was putting my weapon away to put my hand up he shoots me. I fall unconscious and my friend RPs with the guy and as i come out of unconsciousness to put my hand up again im shot before i can even do anything.
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    Menu for Gestures

    GTA weapon selection style
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    Character Theme Songs!