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  1. So far, and this is completely opposite of my tastes irl, but I gotta go with that Zucchini. Something about finding a full one, munching down on it and letting that crisp refreshing water trickle out and onto your parched tongue... Mmm good! IRL though, you can keep that nasty stuff away from me. Pass the meat!
  2. Hiya! I'm new too, haven't gotten around to applying yet. But seems like it's a great community. A lot of civility on the forums.
  3. I would do whatever I can to put my daughter's and girlfriend's (maybe wife depending on when this goes down) lives first. Make sure they're trained in protecting themselves to best of my capabilities. Then to stick with them no matter what. I wouldn't risk being a "hero" unless it was the last thing I could do. Would try to find good natured people, but wouldn't count on it. It's crazy. Last year I would have probably have said I'd go out looking for zombies to kill with my buds, but now that I'm starting a family, totally different, haha!!
  4. Was just talking to a friend about DayZRP as I go over the rules myself before I apply. He brought up a lot of good questions, but this post clears up a lot of them. Thanks so much for going through the trouble of providing detailed examples. I don't necessarily like all the rules, but I do believe they have a good reason for being in place. I'd love to see these added to the rules page!
  5. What kind of weird cat videos were you looking for? In any case, hello!
  6. The true Azor Ahai reborn should rule. Stannis is just Melisandre's puppet, and she's not even a very powerful red priest. I'm all about R'hllor, but ol' Mely can't swing the light like Thoros or some others.
  7. Thanks, really looking forward to it! Like Juggernaut said, I fully anticipate some less than stellar incidents. I think they will be few and far between however. You even run into that problem in tabletop games from time to time, lol!
  8. Precisely the the type of environment, I hope to avoid if I get white listed. It's always going to be a thing, but with active staff on the servers it's occurrences can greatly be reduced. I mean you don't spend half your life gaming online and expect to find a complete lack of hackers anywhere!
  9. Hey, everyone! Just purchased the game a few days ago and a friend pointed me towards the site. Haven't spent a lot of time with games like this, but I find the idea of roleplay servers really interesting. Been playing table top RPGs for about 6 years and really enjoy being in character. Hope I have found a great community in which I can engage in some cooperative story-telling. Happy gaming!