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  1. I am interested in RP for long time and just two moths later I bought DayZ. Than I realized that on publics I won't get the right RP experience. So I started to watch Mr. Moon and now writing my back story and trying to find the passphrase. I am realy excited about to get in this community and I'm looking forward to play with you guys.
  2. Last death? Like the biggest fail in my life . We were in the military base Veresnik. We got in, than i suddenly heard someone was eating there, so we prepare ourselfs right next to doors to prison, guy came out, I shout at him to put gun down and lay on the ground (I was kinda happy to have some fun with him and to do some RP, you know, rob, torture,...), well he got paniced and star shouting: Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot. My friend was scared (when he got scared he shoot on sight ) and he just shoot that guy, commented: He didn't put his gun down (End of my imagination to do some solid RP). Well so we were standing outside round the dead body and looting (all ruined cause of that imbecil ). I get inside and get flashbanged so I start to yell: Flashbang, flashbang, flashbang!! And running around blind. Well my guys tought I found one (cause I told them before I realy wnat some flashbang cause they are realy cool) soo they just stand and carry on, that was the point when 2 guys ran out of the prison and kill them :D. I manage to escape and hide behind tank, killed 1 of them when he tried to crawl to me, the last one ,,ghosts'' behind me and we kill each other. Really stupid and panic situation
  3. Thanks for welcoming guys. I am looking forward to meet you in Chernarus.
  4. Now it will Still a nope lol. Now? :D lol, new to forums, sry
  5. Hi guys. I'm new here, Im 18years old and I am from Czech Republic (Europe ). I have been playing RP games like D&D for like 8 years and I still love it. As well I am huge fan of Fantasy and Sci-fi films and games, I am also member of LARP group and recently I started with airsoft. I really like DayZ and another Post-apo games but in public servers with those KoSers and hackers it's no fun at all, so as I was recently wathching Mr.Moons new video i decided to try my luck and strat playing on this RP server, for now I am waiting to send my application due the que. I realy hope to get accepted beacuse I bought DayZ mostly to play RP, I have tried but lots of people just can't recognize that their aren't playing CS:GO, they just shoot and shoot and shoot, no questions, no interactions. Friend of mine send me this picture and this was my breaking point. So i hope i will meet you in Chernarus. Wish me luck Wulfen.