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  1. Nikolai and his brother Simo spent their early years in a covert training program based in East Germany. With the collapse of the soviet union the brothers resorted to sometimes questionable work in and around the 3rd world, shady business dealings with even shadier people. The brothers moved to Chernarus shortly before the outbreak, hoping to find business oppurtunities in the troubled region. Most of their contacts in the Chernarussian black market were lost during the initial outbreak and the brothers have been scraping by ever since, but they have never stopped looking for oppurtunities to rebuild their former business empire.
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    I heard unknown voices until i was 14..
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  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-RDM-at-farm-north-of-Green-mountain-13-4-2016-21-16?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair: Firstly, i can accept the "Attempted KoS" (it was an accident, but since i dont have any real proof to enforce it and i clearly didn't follow the rules on which it is stated that i had no reason to shoot through that window, or to even try to get involved in the situation). Secondly, it wasn't my intent to make a "False Report", this was the (what i can remember) first time i made a report and wasn't sure on what to include... (i have been reported once before but still was unsure of the process and which details to include) i used an existing report as a template and the reporter didnt include much details and kept the whole report short. it was never my intention to lie or deceive. It was only my own stupidity and laziness that made me overlook that detail. If my intent was to lie, i would've just denied any accusations of me shooting him. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand your point of view when you gave the verdict since it does look kinda sketchy that i didnt include that window shoot in my report, but since i didn't think i hit anyone, i overlooked it and just focused on the events after. Im also fully aware that we have kill/combat logs so i would've gained nothing on lying. but now after looking through the others POV i can see why they were hostile and initiated on me/shot me. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like an decreased Ban time and some point revokation. What could you have done better?: Well firstly, i could've just fucked off since it weren't any of my business, but i just figured that he needed saving and i did what i thought would help. Secondly, i should've payed more attention to detail and the events before the "RDM" (eventhough i understand their judgement now afterwards) in the report and should've waited until the day after to make a better/more detailed report.(i was tired and needed to get up early the next day) thank you for your time to reconcile your decision.
  10. one simple word, ready for it?? Window I stood like 300m away and shot randomly into a window hoping that you guys would be busy looking for the shooter and forget about the hostage so he could escape! ^^ but as i've said in several occasions it kinda backfired since you were in that very specific window
  11. well i didn't say that it was your fault that i got a skype call. and ofc i didnt really feel like taking the time to explain OOC since you started to shoot at me (and i tried to explain ingame aswell but you cut me off and said that i should run). Aswell as when you tried to initiate on me so that i turned around to ask you what you said ^^ natural reaction if you cant hear what someone said now looking back at this clip it was a really nice shot... unfortunate but nice...
  12. So you went playing without familiarizing yourself with any recent ruleknowledge. Right, so why did you not refresh your memorie by reading the rules at least once? Since i didnt expect it to be necessary ^^ i usually stay away from people and the "Good Samaritan" thing was just a caught in the moment. and i didnt really have time to do it when i was there
  13. Well this turned quite interesting... first of all, sorry Ollie!! So along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away i walked past the farm heading to GM and heard some guys talking about executing hostages and chopping off heads and what-not, and naturally i wanted to save them. but since there where 4-5 of them and only 1 of me i wouldnt stand a chance. so i decided to run off. But against better judgement i turned around and fired a couple of rounds (Blaze not mosin, as stated in the logs)through the windows, and run away (to hopefully save the hostage) i then hear that someone got shot so i ran back to help (since i didnt mean to hit anyone and i werent in their dynamic group, i had no right to KOS). i drop my gun in a bush (since he got shot by a blaze it would be kinda suspicious if i came in there "HEYA GUYS, HEARD SOMEONE GOT SHOT!" with the same gun) they tell me to fuck off so i ran back to pick up my gun. at the same time, someone calls me on skype so my game ALT-TABS out (shitty PC so it can take 1-2 min for the game to go back up). i come back in and starts jogging up the hill. and starts to reload (as you can clearly see in the video). i take shots and drop to the ground, and talks to the recorder, he tells me to fuck off so i start jogging up the hill (tried to run but the hill must've been to steep). i look back and see them sprinting after me, and barely heard them talking, so i stopped and turned around to ask them what they were saying (logically). and boom "YOU'RE DEAD". Q/A (Yay!!): "I would like to ask why you aimed your gun at me" -Reloading "What was your reason to shoot me in the barn?" -Stupid attempt to save a life (kinda backfired, lol) "Were you in 500m of the initiation?" -yup, well not for the initial initiation, but i were standing and listened to you guys for awhile "were you in their dynamic group?, as they say you were not." - i wasn't, just an innocent bystander I haven't played DayzRP for several months so my rulebook is kinda rusty
  14. Server and location: Dayzrp S1 at farm north of green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:16 Your in game name: Creighton Moon Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A 3-4 of them Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Detailed description of the events: i was roaming along the NW part of the map and decided to run to green mountain. i come by the farm ~north of it and hear that people are talking about killing other people so i go in to check whats up. They tell me to fuck off so i did, approximately 100 meters later they come sprinting after me and shot me in the back at the same time as saying "hands up". unfortunately i dont know the names of anyone involved since they weren't that friendly...