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  1. Thanks to all for the welcome.
  2. Its ben a long while..... To those that don't know me i'm wild dog i'm a freindly chap, to those that do see you sever side.
  3. Alex looks around him, the house he sits in is familiar yet the changes wrought by time and its ...... current occupants (who are tied up in the corner of the room, and whos muffled screams can be heard through the rags gagging there mouths) Alex smiles through the new pink scar tissue on his face and laughs softly as his gravely voice will allow him. "Viktor just turn up you'll only have to listen" The sound of zombies banging on the boarded up windows is now heard clearly over the radio. Alex looks at his hostages and smile sickly. "Now if you all excuse me my dinner guests have just arrvived. Just be in Berenzino you all have to hear what I have to say." Taping the send button on his radio down he leaves it on a table, he walks over to his hosages and with his knife meticulasly stabs all three under there kneecaps then ungags them so there screams of pain grow louder over the radio. "Now heres a sound Chenarus is gonna have to get used to" As Alex leaves he shoots out the wooden planks blocking the zombies entrance into the building, they now climb in setting upon the hostages whos screams now reaching there highset pitch yet. Alex has left, only sign he was ever there is the radio still sending the sounds of the zombies feast.
  4. After a hiatus i've returned so hi to all the new faces and ......... to those who were around back then long live the hanged men.
  5. He stands alone looking over the shattered landscape witch he once knew so well. Slowly pressing the talk button on his battered radio set he speaks in a smoke damaged voice. "This is a message to the hanged men you know who you are, and you'll probably guess who I am. I'm back in chenarus and i'm gonna be looking for freindly faces. I'll be on the coast a week from today going south from berenzino. If you still value anything we stood for come find me." Releasing the talk button he drops his radio onto his bag and continues his long march ....... but now the end is in sight.
  6. I'm gone. bloody baised people have always pissed me off. But thanks to the few that made Dayzrp worth the time i spent here. Anyways adios and good look, Willd_D0g
  7. Just as an after thought message me or mapsey if you want to join us in a few games of arma at some point.
  8. As some of you may have noticed we haven't been online at all in recent days. As it is we have made the decision to archive the group untill the MOD or we start playing standlone again. Twas a good run lads. see you sever-side. Archive please
  9. My Little one lol, this is what where fighting for.
  10. Wild D0g

    Interview with Wild DOg

    I never know what to say in interviews lol.
  11. Wild D0g

    [CDF-R] Chernarus Defence Force Capital Remnants - SZ Expedition

    Good luck mate! #Hype
  12. If you looked at are group thread mission goals you would notice you would know setting up an F.O.B. is one of them, having a camp in a town we patrol regularly is an RP choice. And secondly my group have patroled in that city for about week and a half and it is no-where near that busy.
  13. I wasn't gonna post on this but it seemss like the point needs to be made yet again. Its NOT THE GEAR WERE BOTHERED ABOUT thats just stuff we can reaquire. The point is that who-ever it was took all the gear out of our tents and then put the tents down knowing they'd de-spawn witch is why were pissed it's just a shitty to do and its not the first time its happened. So stop mentioning the gear its the fact our camp was COMPELETLY DISMANTLED that were salty about. Take gear by all means but don't wipe out a whole camp.