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  1. Where would you like to be?

    Oh tell me about it. Miss that time Maybe because of the people not the place but still.
  2. Servers?

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/221100/discussions/0/558747288200188389/ For a bit more info
  3. You haven't ran into me yet Find me I'll give you some nice rp. We'll drink tea and kumbaya haha. Don't worry, if you're stressed do something else for a while. Go paint or do something creative. Or if you want you can always contact me on ts and I'll huddle with you haha. 76.9 and I'm on most of the time. Come share your worries my friend
  4. Do You RP With Yourself?

    I talk to chickens and stuff. I think that's normal. Right?
  5. Truth or Lie

    False I once ate 5 big mac meals in a row
  6. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Broke my legs in the shipwreck on the coast and there's no way to crawl out of there so I just had to wait until I die from hunger.

    Forgotten island in the mist.
  8. Dual monitor issue

    If it doesn't happen a lot that you tab out you might just get used to "Win+Shift+Right/Left". I think that was the shortcut to move it from one monitor to another. If all else fails you can still use it
  9. Special Characters like ö?

    I think it can take a toll on the admins as well whilst finding logs say if someones name in game is in Russian but they make a report and use the regular alphabet there. Not sure tho. Might be just easiest if everyone uses the regular English alphabet. Example: Your name in game is Александр something but you but into report that your name is Alexandr.
  10. Wildlife in Chernarus?

    It's always possible to make an izurvive group for someone who is intrested in doing that and everyone could join and if you are to see animals somewhere you can mark it on the map. I'm sure that if someone has used the izurvive groups option they know what I'm talking about. If not, you can check it out yourself HERE. If enough people get involved should have a pretty accurate map in no time
  11. OMG!!!!! Pokémon Go!

  12. Food

    They're good company as well. I had a very lovely chat for 5 minutes with a chicken yesterday.
  13. Recording

    After a lot of testing and messing with the settings I've got it to be a little bit better. What I did was: Reinstall OBS and try a lot of different settings, updated video card drivers, moved dayz to my SSD, got my cpu usage as low as possible. In OBS settings I tried all the different encoding types that are: x264, quick sync, nvidia NVENC Quick sync made it even worse and well nvidia NVENC. I'll just post a picture below: As you can see I have a newer driver then it requires but for some reason I can't use it so that's that. I also made a one last test clip and posted it on youtube so you can see where I got it to: [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/jJT7_jrKklQ So for me at least it seems to be a tad better and since I'm not recording for youtube or anything special and it doesn't affect my in game FPS, if an admin could confirm that this should be okay for posting my POV when something is to happen etc we can go ahead and /solve this. But if anyone stumbles upon this still, I'm more then willing to take any suggestions on improving the video quality performance. + A big thanks to MapleMooses for trying to figure this out for me for almost 2 hours. Thanks a bunch mates!
  14. Recording

    [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug-A8UNdwOo This is recorded with my phone just to show that my game does not lag at all pretty much. Since I made it for someone figured might as well add it if there are any cynical people here.
  15. Dayzrp on phone

    Not to be rude but I think that's a suggestion not as much as it is a question. Intresting idea tho. I would go for it! +1