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  1. Apologies, i'm still working on it. I've suddenly been slumped by work. I'll have it ready as soon as i am able, i really do appreciate your info. Great community, just another reason for me to want to join even more
  2. Hello everyone! Today i got my second rejection on my whitelist application, the first one simply stated that i failed in explaining the KoS rule. Nothing about NLR. This time around i got This: -snip-
  3. Just saying hello whilst i wait for Monday to send in my application I'm currently working out the ins- and outs of my character and background, and hoping i'll have a DayZRP worthy character by tomorrow. On that note, i was wondering if there was a whitelist application-blueprint? I've browsed the forums but have found no mockup of the application form. I thought it might help make the application process much smoother Also, here's a little teaser: - At the southern beach of Skalisty Island, lodged between two small rocks, a small brown knapsack rocked back and forth in the gentle waves of the Green Sea. It was worn, battered and completely soaked. The knapsack contained a mobile phone, a chocolate bar and a small cluster of letters. Aside from the chocolate bar, all the items appeared to be soaked and ruined. The letters all had a plastic label adressed to "Containment Zone 47 - Svetlojarsk" and upon closer inspection, one of them appeared to be readable. The letter was handwritten and contained the following: "Dear Robert" "I know you told me not to write, but this can't wait. Your son has been here, i don't know when. I went to check your house and tidy a bit, as i do every month, but this time was different. I found this letter on your desk, with the writing: "READ" on it. I'm sorry, but i did read it. "I'm sorry, but i need to find my father" was all it said. I think he's on the way to find you Robert. He took everything in your safe, and i know you had a pistol in there. I'm worried something bad is going to happen Robert. I know you two have some bad history, but i think you should try to contact him Robert. I think your son is in some serious trouble" "Please write me back when you get a chance. I've heard the news about the stuff going on over there, the strange sickness that's spreading. I know you're a great scientist and stuff, and you'll probably fix this, but i'm getting worried about you." "Take care and be safe" "-Christina"