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  1. Ivan Zirkov

    Ivan is an old man part of the armed forces in Chernarussia, After the outbreak he has joined forces with the Chernaruska Republika to help with their goals. Born in Kabanino and brought up in a poor family he was constantly beaten by his farther and his mother was also beaten, One day he grabbed his farthers gun and shot him dead and ended up in Prision. Once out he decided to join the armed forces to get his life on the straight and narrow after all the chaos his mind is strong but unstable at times. A gunshot can set him off or get him going!
  2. New PC Build (CPU)

    You don't really need an I7 if all you do is Game, Watch linustechtips he gives a very good reasoning behind it. Now if you are video editing go for it.
  3. Your worst death in Dayz?

    >In room in hostile situation >Pull Pin on grenade >If you shoot me we all die >shoots me everyone dies
  4. Having read alot of these responses and and arguments made, It's true it is a business. If JimRP has "invested" money into the community (Not donated like other people) and has some sort of agreement he would want part of the profits to make back his investment and more. When I first joined I remember someone mentioning to me the state of debt and creating these new business stratigies will help bring in money for Rolle who does deserve to make money from this. Now as for the attitudes of people, I also don't belive that he should have been Banned Permanently, but Rolle has said his previous posts have been similar in "bad taste" my question to Rolle for that would be why wasn't he warned before? I know there is a new approach but using old posts which existed prior to the rule change as a basis for a pemanent ban is unfair. Most people who have been here for a long time are used to acting a certain way and now the rules have changed they should be allowed time to get used to them, we all make mistakes when we first joined I'm sure of it. In the end it is up to all the community who feels that the road it is currently following is detrimental and do something about it, be constructive not destructive.
  5. Closing s2.

    I am one for this, I don't think the people on S2 are doing anything more than "Gearing Up" most of the time (When pop is low). It would be nicer if you could make it so more people on server more gear spawns and very few people on server very little spawns and of lesser quality, preventing the gear players.
  6. Dual-Monitors?

    http://appnee.com/dxwnd/ I used to have this programe installed DxWnd, Allows you to play anygame windowed mode, Now unless they have changed it in the updates it should work for you Yes
  7. Thinking about getting a new monitor, any suggestions?

    I got AOC monitors, They work fine. If you want to get something decent just get 1m/s display.