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  1. Mereduck


    If a person has been in a country long enough and speaks the language an accent will become second nature to them. I know a mechanic who talks like he's from London but isn't (When speaking English). I can myself speak English with a Spanish accent.
  2. Ivan is an old man part of the armed forces in Chernarussia, After the outbreak he has joined forces with the Chernaruska Republika to help with their goals. Born in Kabanino and brought up in a poor family he was constantly beaten by his farther and his mother was also beaten, One day he grabbed his farthers gun and shot him dead and ended up in Prision. Once out he decided to join the armed forces to get his life on the straight and narrow after all the chaos his mind is strong but unstable at times. A gunshot can set him off or get him going!
  3. Mereduck

    New PC Build (CPU)

    You don't really need an I7 if all you do is Game, Watch linustechtips he gives a very good reasoning behind it. Now if you are video editing go for it.
  4. >In room in hostile situation >Pull Pin on grenade >If you shoot me we all die >shoots me everyone dies
  5. You were not killed because of the barking. You were killed because you continued to be rude and it's what Blackfyre chose to do after having already gained KOS rights. No more responses will be made unless asked by staff.
  6. Met Erwin at the Police Station, talked for a while whilst waiting for my Friends to arrive. As soon as my friends arrive I hear a “Put your hands up” Thinking it was my friends initiating on me and Erwin I do, they mention it wasn’t them and find another man in the bushes who we later find out is called James brother of Erwin in the bushes behind the Police Station who was the man who “Initiated”. Once figured out we decide the best idea is to initiate and get things sorted. Erwin goes on singing and OOC quite a few times which I just ignored but others were upset with. Whilst tied up they are “Rude” multiple times and decide to continue after having been warned to stop of will be shot. Once they are ready to be “set free” they are rude once more and one of the females (The shooter) says they are going to kill him. The brother James steps in and says if you shoot my brother you are going to have to shoot me too. They both get shot. To summarise, James “Initiated” and was in dynamic with Erwin didn’t follow through because friends showed up, RP happened and resulted in 2 deaths.
  7. Mereduck

    Was this really worthy of a Perm?

    Having read alot of these responses and and arguments made, It's true it is a business. If JimRP has "invested" money into the community (Not donated like other people) and has some sort of agreement he would want part of the profits to make back his investment and more. When I first joined I remember someone mentioning to me the state of debt and creating these new business stratigies will help bring in money for Rolle who does deserve to make money from this. Now as for the attitudes of people, I also don't belive that he should have been Banned Permanently, but Rolle has said his previous posts have been similar in "bad taste" my question to Rolle for that would be why wasn't he warned before? I know there is a new approach but using old posts which existed prior to the rule change as a basis for a pemanent ban is unfair. Most people who have been here for a long time are used to acting a certain way and now the rules have changed they should be allowed time to get used to them, we all make mistakes when we first joined I'm sure of it. In the end it is up to all the community who feels that the road it is currently following is detrimental and do something about it, be constructive not destructive.
  8. Negative, Just sorted out my Videos. The main problem as stated was the fact they initiated solely to take blood and then ended hostile situation.
  9. I would Like to add the fact, even if this person felt they had legitimate KOS rights (Or Initiated Im unsure why this happened) they did so whilst I was alt tabbed to talk to them and using that instance to kill me.
  10. Server and location: S1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:45 Your in game name: Francis Zolov Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will Show (J something) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COr9h7yMics&feature=youtu.be Detailed description of the events Running towards Vybor to find out who potentially saved my life from some Madmen I come across the Accused. We chat (As seen in video) And I mention I'm going to look through cupboards for whiskey. Afterwards I go OOC to ask if he can go Teamspeak, Room 2, He goes Sure. I alt tab to go room 2 and go back to the game and I am dead. All within a space of 10-20 seconds.
  11. " As our hostage, we protected him and made sure no harm came to him. We were also prepared to give him saline bags IV to reimburse him for any potential "blood donations", as was stated by us throughout the interaction. In the end, he was not compatible and we left him to wiggle out of the tape. As mentioned, he was allowed to leave without any harm or blood loss. We monitored him from a distance to make sure he was not attacked while trying to get free. " Why did you not make use of these saline bags?, I have no problem with a hostile interaction but I'm more upset with the way you handled it and let it end so quickly after having tested my blood.