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  1. Knife takedown?

    A sneak kill on a zombie would be nice.
  2. Watching streamers on Twitch and Youtube.
  3. The SVD And The Winchester

    I thought that only the 308 Winchester ammo was in game at this time.
  4. I enjoy the new survival update, but they need to add more survival crafting options. Alternate forms of fire starting and cooking would be nice, because I have not found a cooking pot of box for matches yet. I know you can start a fire with a road flare. The zombies can over take you when character is running up a hill and starts walking when it gets steep.
  5. The Colony™ on Hickory Hill [S1]

    Great idea, hopefully when I get whitelisted I'll stop by.
  6. How are you guys surviving?

    I have not seen many animals to hunt. Then once you kill one you need a pot cook them in. It would be nice to be able to cook meat on a stick, or at least have other cooking options.
  7. Thanks for this post. I can't stand hearing a player with bad audio and definitely don't want to be that player.
  8. I've had luck finding mags in the back of wrecked pickup trucks and police cars.
  9. Multitools.

    That would definitely com in handy and free up room in your inventory.
  10. 1911 or Magnum?

    I prefer the 1911 with the silencer, but it's easier to have a Magnum loaded and ready to go.
  11. Living off the land?

    I've been trying to do more living off the land. I'm looking forward to the new items coming out. Also hear they're going to have dogs, that may help with hunting.
  12. No more Animals?

    Before it was ridiculous how easy it was to kill animals before the update. Now they start to run away as soon as you get within a certain distance from them, even if you approach them from behind.
  13. Firearms in-game and irl?

    I do have a Walther P38 9mm ( the P1 pistol), my grandfather brought home from WW2 A Remington 870 pump shotgun
  14. How long does it take you to gear up?

    I'm not hardcore about gearing up with military equipment, I do have to have the military boots. So it can take me about an hour or so to get to the way I like it.
  15. How often do you play DayZ?

    I have a crazy work schedule, so sometimes I not able to play for 2 or 3 days at a time. Life always getting in the way!