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  1. TheFriendlySheep

    What is your Characters kill count?

    probably somewhere around -3
  2. For me. I gave up on the development of Dayz. It's terribly developed. Put that side by side with a game such as Rust, whereas they re-hauled they're legacy branch into the branch it is now in a years time, and is actually playalble, it's unreal. Honestly. Dayz SA would be a great game had it have some real developmental discipline behind it. It really triggers me to think this game has been released for two years time. With that being said, .61 could honestly have Apache helicopters and it won't satisfy me.
  3. I don't want to have to go through a report, just to get rid of an immature kid. Sure, maybe some 13 year old could actually participate and function normally in this community, but maybe some will be complete idiots and KOS or who knows what. Why take the risk when we can implement an age limit to prevent this gamble.
  4. You could always just leave a Spongebob meme in the section for your story. I'm sure they'd understand.
  5. TheFriendlySheep


    wooh no reports! Nice! Imagine if there were two pages of reports, but that's nonsense.
  6. Yeah I get that aspect of persistence. Thanks!
  7. As the title says, wondering if all 4 servers are persistent/if I make a small oil barrel stash will it be there after restarts. Not sure what the state of persistence is in .60 thanks.
  8. TheFriendlySheep

    [SA] Show us your character!

  9. What are the reset times (EST) for all the servers?
  10. Stupid question, but can't seem to find the teamspeak address. Haven't been active in a year or so. Did the server change? If someone could link the new address or something that'd be much appreciated, thanks.
  11. TheFriendlySheep

    Medical Group

    I'd be interested. I'm just getting back into RP. I've created a Navy Corpsman character enlsited in the FMF with the Marines. It'd be great to experiment with some medic role play.