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    S2- NVFL

    I'll be honest here. At first I was going to let them kill me but then I realized that I was in Kamishovo which isn't too long of a walk from Elektro so I started to fight back then, killing one of the zombies but the other one still managed to down me. I do apologize for my actions and will make sure to follow the rules in a better fashion in the future. I do hope you will have some mercy on me for this infraction as this is my first report. I am sorry. And to reply to Lucky I made it in November but didn't make the forum replies like I needed to so in Feb I decided to donate to let me stay whitelisted and keep my account.
  2. Trojan

    S2- NVFL

    I mean I did put up a fight against more than a few zombies and taking at least 1 down. The makarov had no ammo. And from my experience fists are better than a crowbar when facing zombies. As I was being chased by multiple zombies I attempted to kill them. I know it's just my word versus yours but the reason I was hostile towards you guys in Kamyshovo was because anywhere I went in the town you guys followed me and I made it clear that I didn't want to be followed. As for the removing gear I don't know how that would be the case at all because to my memory I never removed any of it and just tried running to escape the zombies. This would be my first time I've had a report against me and I have been here since November, so I don't really see why I would choose to break the rules now.