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  1. Uhm.... you can post practically anywhere you would like, besides some support sections(as noted in community rules). As long as you posted at least once outside of instruction your activated. I notice your also Donor status so that requirement is lifted automatically. I have posted on a few different things just to try and make sure So thank you Gingervitus for clearing this up for me friend it is very much appreciated.
  2. Can anyone tell me what forum i should be posting on now that im registered and whitelisted?
  3. Welcome to the community firend
  4. But surely they should be following the rules no matter what if they know you can be reported and banned right? Their actions can be easily tracked without hassle by just recording. No matter what, I do not think Logs will prevent these things from happening, but that is just my opinion. I agree with your opinion and after reading the rules I understand the consequences when they are broken. Basically this is just me hoping it will help with people breaking the rules.
  5. Dayzrp offers a great dayz experience in my opinion. My in game experiences have been like no other rather they've been good or bad. Rp and whitelisted servers are basically my last hope for dayz. I've got 1228 hours and the last 40 have been the best thanks to dayzrp.
  6. Tom Thompson

    [IMPORTANT] Character Deleted after restart?

    one thing i do is try to wait until about 10-15 people have joined then I'll join and haven't seem to have any issues. The official Is also a great option.
  7. Welcome to the community I hope you have as good as an experience as I have
  8. Ah I understand now this post has answered some questions for me thank you.
  9. Wow this gave me goose bumps which was a good thing.
  10. Tom Thompson

    Tips for you new guys.

    This is a great post I hope alot have checked this out and read it.
  11. I agree once loggs are added people will be more likely to follow the rules knowing that there actions will be tracked.
  12. Best of luck friend hope you a great experience.
  13. Sorry you feel this way hope you find what you are looking for in the future.
  14. Thanks for the video man i have not had a chance to play on the patch yet and was wondering how this was done and now i know so thanks alot man.
  15. Tom Thompson

    DayZRP Trailer Contest

    This will be cool im sure the content that comes from this will be amazing to say the least.