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  1. update they said...........
  2. Just wondering if someone here plays Assetto Corsa or other Racing Sim! We could make a DayzRP championship [video=youtube]
  3. Will watch part2! very good
  4. i5 [something] K /8gb ram /HD7870 2gb / and a bunch of stuff attached
  5. I'm usually on 87.something always ON but just static
  6. For me since i am very, very new here in dayzrp... All the great moments to come, will come because of this Thank you all for making this great community.
  7. Well it is windows 7, but i still like the old design over the new one, and winamp will always be my top mp3 and web radio player [video=youtube]
  8. Just created this thread to say sorry for everyone that was trying to take the Doc Thornbjorn to find Pepe last night, but my internet died on me. I tried to restart the router several times but without success probably was some trouble with the ISP. Hope you've made it and that i will meet you all again in the future
  9. I will do that then. Thank you for the help
  10. Last night i was playing with a big group and suddenly my ISP went down we were on a very fun mission! Were should i open a thread explaining what happened so the others can see and now how do i change my RP because of this?
  11. Mine took almost a week "because of the weekend and because i wrote my KOS rule wrong" and i'm pretty happy with it. Patience is a virtue
  12. I love this idea and will try to meet up with some of you in the future. Can i go and search for these groups in TS when i am playing?
  13. First time today too that i join the RP server. Long story short, wake up fight a horde of zombies with crowbar "and those things kept coming" one broke my arm, gather supplies, head up in-land "with broken arm" trying to find a doctor, ran into a random guy " very friendly" in a dark forest at night trying to make a fire, i tried to help using my outdoorsman skill [1/10] , asked for directions hot-spots, etc talked for a bit, and there i went with the broken arm in my quest to find a doctor 10/10 will play again