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  1. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Hello My application was accepted but I couldn't get into the server, upon further inspection I believe it is because the GUID number is wrong, I'm not quite sure how that happened but it seems the answer is to reset it! Thank you in advance! The correct number is 76561198163144621 // Gina: GUID and SteamID reset
  2. whitelist problem

    I'm having the same problem, I got whitelisted but am unable to join a server because I'm getting kicked by an admin. :\ I accidentally used the wrong name on my first attempt, that probably didn't help. My friend said it might take a little while for them to add names to the lists or something like that so I guess I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens.
  3. Warning: ctrl+F=Throw

    Oh wow that's interesting, I might have to test that in game later. I know G is throw. I personally use numlock for push to talk.
  4. Hellp Dayzrp

    Hello all I"m super excited to hopefully be a part of this community! As others have said I am tired of being killed by hackers or being hunted down and killed for absolutely no reason. DayZ could be so much more fun for me with this RPing!