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  1. Hi ! Nice to meet you Michael !
  2. I'm pretty sure that my game doesn't crash anymore since 0.53 update, they said that it's fixed, which is awesome!
  3. Sylarus852

    Silo's new video

    Damn dude, nice experience huh..
  4. I want Jack Daniels to be added ! Just like Vodka !
  5. I love AKM , best so far with PSO-1 scope, and Mosin Nagant with iron sight is good too .
  6. Hello, nice to meet you new fellow survivor!
  7. Hi, my real name is Harry, I'm so excited that I'll be part of your community guys! (I hope so...) I've been playing DayZ for past few months, and I must say, this is the best game ever I played in my life, but with role play style it's even better, that's the way of DayZ it should be played! Can't wait![/font]