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  1. Awesome times with many fantastic RP memories, glory to ZBOR!
  2. Let's see of I'm lucky enough Really nice of you to do this type of thing once again
  3. Read a few stories and will read more as soon as I get a chance. I will have big use of this with the new character I want to RP, good work LMs.
  4. I had a lot of fun RPing with all of you guys, thanks for everything. It's sad to see another Lore Faction go but yeah, maybe it's better this way... It will be interesting to continue the RP of our characters, looking forward to see how that goes. Glory to the State and Radek!
  5. PRE-OUTBREAK: Born to a father who was an alcoholic and his mother divorcing his father while Nikolai was still attending primary school the only person willing to raise the young boy was his grandfather. A nationalistic Red Army veteran who supported Stalinism his whole life made a huge impact on Nikolai's mindset. After Nikolai finished high school he started working in a glass factory, he first started as a vodka bottle maker but through years he proved to be very skilled at his job and was promoted. He would no longer make bottles, instead he'd create stylish chandeliers, vases, bowls and glasses. Raised in a very nationalistic manner Nikolai never held warm feelings towards his Chernarussian neighbors but he would never think about making trouble to them. He judged that it would be better to just stick to hanging out with other Russian people from Chernarus and not interact with people of other nationalities too much. This lifestyle proved to be a good choice but only until 1991. When Chernarus gained independence from the USSR Nikolai wasn't happy. He no longer felt connected to his nation but didn't want to move from his hometown. But again he decided to just accept the circumstances and continue his life normally. He later got married to a local Russian girl named Alexandra Yermakova. In the early 2000s Nikolai's grandfather died. When the war in 2009 started Nikolai decided not to involve at first, he was confident that the Chedaki would win the war and his region would be a part of Russia now. But that was not the case, after a few months of fighting Nikolai decided to join the movement himself and asked his wife to take care of his father. Though not very gladly, she accepted to do so. During fighting for Chedaki Nikolai would visit his wife more and more rarely. After seeing the terror that war brings drinking became his favorite pass time. In the end he just became a mixture of his father's and grandfather's personalities. He left his wife and never had any kids, after the fight for communism was lost he was forced to move to Russia. Luckily his new comrades would help him with suppressing the drinking problem and by 2014 he wasn't hugging bottles so often. He secretly returned back to his wife in 2015 only to find out that his father died and that Alexandra married another man. Until the outbreak of the virus he continued to live in Russia and work in a different factory where he was moved to making bottles again, dreaming of the old communist society which became a symbol of the only happy times for him. When the virus reached South Zagoria, sick and tired of factory work he found out that a new Chedaki unit was formed and immediately returned home to fight for his ideals and protect his old home. POST-OUTBREAK: Will be added.
  6. Oi blin! More targets for practicing my aim! Seeing that you don't have a lot of members yet, I really really hope that you will put some time into recruiting members who actually know stuff about communism and focus the most on the ideological part of RP. Become the missing piece picture is cool. Good luck!
  7. Here's some public enlightenment regarding the recent events.
  8. Commander holding a speech Arriving to Kab Making conversations Looking sexy Soldiers getting some rest Moving out!
  9. Enjoyed the RP from @SkinVest today. Was fun doing some CDF rp and question you, you did better than most new players ive met before so keep it up. Its always good to hear that you like to avoid unneeded conflicts from someome new. And Shoutout to the guys from CDF for the rp, was great to spend an evening on the server after a long break.
  10. +1 from me too, it's a good idea
  11. Really good looking pictures @Major
  12. I hope that you will make for honor worthy opponents, perhaps we can party to hard bass together when Putin won't be watching?
  13. Make us an offer we won't be able to refuse, otherwise we might just supply ourselves by arresting you all. In all honesty as someone who ran a Chernarussian mafia group in the previous lore I really hope to meet you in game and see how well you will perform, with the crew you got I doubt you will leave me disappointed. Artwork is 10/10 *cracks a cold can of beanz for @Majoo* I'll definitely make another Chernarussian mobster character in the future, maybe you could take me in dynamically here and there?
  14. So this is what you were telling me about, Joules. Group looks good, but too much pink text imo
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