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  1. [/img] These red stars trigger me... It's good to be back boys
  2. Deal
  3. Ah so great to see you back man! Can't wait to RP
  4. Goodbye pal, was great to know you and thanks for all the good times. Good luck with all your IRL stuff!
  5. Dank Stuff
  6. Also how you just "woke up on the shore after a party" and just had the welding mask on for no reason.
  7. The event yesterday was an absolute blast. Really good mix of great RP and some PvP action. Big thanks to @Staggs and others who organized it. Shoutout to everyone that I encountered, especially the girl that my Slavic comrades and ex NAPA guys helped, the boys in blue armbands and all the guys that went inside the ship in the end. @Uriki Meeting you was the funniest thing the whole night, really laughed hard during the conversation! And whoever was the last guy we captured and ended up executing, RP during negotiations and after the fight with you was top notch!
  8. Was great to get back into some RP with my boys and big thanks to the guys we took for some interrogation in Zelenogorsk, enjoyed your RP very much!
  9. Nikola Tomić

    Born in Madrid to Croatian Parents who had to flee from Croatia after WW2. The family moved to US while he was a kid and Nikola was raised in a very patriotic way. When the war started in Croatia he immediately decided to fly back home and fight for Croatia's freedom from yugoslavian communist regime. At the age of 18 he enlisted in Croatian Defence Forces and fought on many battlefields in Croatian and Bosnia. After the war he became a member of the Croatian Party of Rights and started his not very successful political career. In 2009 when he found out about the Chernarussian Civil War he got very interested in it and started researching the conflict. It didn't take long for him to realize that Chernarus was in a position almost identical to Croatia's. He quickly packed his military equipment and went to Chernarus to volunteer for CDF. After the war he decided to stay in Chernarus.
  10. Looks really good boys, glad i could help you with the graphics and best of luck in game. Maybe if i decide to get lif ill come to hang out.
  11. Good luck with this man, I'll join this as soon as I stop being extremely busy with college, hope you get some members by then.
  12. Pretty much this, once you find a place like this you don't even have to loot anymore. I honestly don't see a problem with people making big camps, so what if they have 25 tents? Filling all those tents up with endless amounts of items that don't even have use is a different story, building walls with tents too.
  13. *Teo takes his radio after hearing some familiar voices and clicks the "TALK" button. A Chernarussian accent can be recognized as he speaks.* "A foreigner leaving my country?! Finally! Thank God some of you idiots decided to make this move, now how about all of you do the same, huh? Come on pack your things and get lost with your western culture and stupid behavior. I fucked up Pagans once, those two big guys who lead the brainless gang and wear handkerchiefs on their heads like old grandmas. Didn't remember your stupid names but I'll recognize that squeaky voice no problem. Too bad I didn't kill you both, maybe you wouldn't have so many retarded dogs following you around my lands... Eh." *He stops transmitting.*
  14. Really enjoyed the RP from Speedster tonight, was a pleasure to take a hostage with Ghoozberg and Millen after not playing for a while!
  15. Interesting interview man. Very glad we became friends, always great to talk to you.