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  1. Nikolai Smirnov

    Born in Novodmitrovsk. I'll add this later.
  2. Oi blin! More targets for practicing my aim! Seeing that you don't have a lot of members yet, I really really hope that you will put some time into recruiting members who actually know stuff about communism and focus the most on the ideological part of RP. Become the missing piece picture is cool. Good luck!
  3. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Here's some public enlightenment regarding the recent events.
  4. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Commander holding a speech Arriving to Kab Making conversations Looking sexy Soldiers getting some rest Moving out!
  5. Enjoyed the RP from @SkinVest today. Was fun doing some CDF rp and question you, you did better than most new players ive met before so keep it up. Its always good to hear that you like to avoid unneeded conflicts from someome new. And Shoutout to the guys from CDF for the rp, was great to spend an evening on the server after a long break.
  6. Group Mentions

    +1 from me too, it's a good idea
  7. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Really good looking pictures @Major
  8. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    I hope that you will make for honor worthy opponents, perhaps we can party to hard bass together when Putin won't be watching?
  9. Bilek Family

    Make us an offer we won't be able to refuse, otherwise we might just supply ourselves by arresting you all. In all honesty as someone who ran a Chernarussian mafia group in the previous lore I really hope to meet you in game and see how well you will perform, with the crew you got I doubt you will leave me disappointed. Artwork is 10/10 *cracks a cold can of beanz for @Majoo* I'll definitely make another Chernarussian mobster character in the future, maybe you could take me in dynamically here and there?
  10. The Departed

    So this is what you were telling me about, Joules. Group looks good, but too much pink text imo
  11. Would be a pleasure to exchange my M4 for a Kalashnikov when I meet you. Good luck and I'm looking forward to our cooperation.
  12. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Love the notebook look for the thread. Your goals are interesting, I especially like the one with RPing out all injuries you get. Best of luck!
  13. Very happy to finally see this thread up, though we had to wait for only an hour, maybe two. Thanks everyone for appreciating the graphics it took me and major quite some time. Now let's get in game and get rid of the ones who can't squat on heels!
  14. Evzen Zahradnik

    Born in Dubrovka. I'll add this later
  15. Wrong usage of translator

    Very useful thread, expect a PM from me soon, Stormy.