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  1. Thank you mate. going submit it soon, just going to get it checked over now. thank you thanks buddy Thank you, I will private mail you and if you want can give it a quick go over. would be so grateful thanks mate
  2. Thank you friend, yeah i always use a double 'z' lol Hopefully get this application sorted soon, then be all on with you guys
  3. Been so busy with work recently. Still need to touch up my application for whitelisting then hopefully see all you guys and gals soon. Really looking forward to playing with you all in game.
  4. Good luck. i just have to also touch up mine, then that's me cant wait to get on and play
  5. Gazz

    Breaking Bad

    There loads of series which i enjoy watching. Try Revenge as well its pretty good. i thought it might just be a girly show but completely isnt. Also give a go grimm, the 100, constantine, gotham, blacksails, failing skies and helix a go
  6. Well done, cant wait until i get on. but going through the application so carefully.