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  1. Devon Mitchell was born in Portland, Oregon. A large city with a high population that made everyday life a struggle with its bustling nightlife and forward future-esque attitude. Early on Devon was an avid outdoorsy individual, always trying to stay outside regardless what activities were happening inside a building. He could not get enough of the outdoors. Of course, we all get older and in this huge city many jobs were indoors, something Devon did not find to be pleasurable until he came across an apprenticeship program as a butcher at a local meat market. Years went by as Devon continued to gain knowledge of the butcher trade until he decided to start his own business. The only thing he knew was that he definitely did not want to open his own butcher shop in a large city. He wanted to move somewhere away from the states that he can set up an amazing meat market in a smaller town where he can get to know the local shoppers. He had finally decided that Chernarus was the place he wanted to open a shop. Sure, Chernarus was quit the trip but also a very beautiful place that would finally get Devon away from the hustle and bustle of the large city he is used too. Little did he know the events that take place shortly after his arrival would greatly influence his life going forward. After the Frenzied Flu took over the entire area, killing off many, changes most of the rest he knew he had to meet up with other survivors to gain any advantage he could in this new world. With his knowledge of hunting and breaking down various animal carcasses he knew he could be an attribute to any groups out their still alive. If only he can find them before it is too late...
  2. Surprising so many people didn't know about it. I didn't either, but I'm new so there is a lot of things I don't know lol.
  3. It is kinda cheap that they kill you through doors/floors as if they weren't there.
  4. Tony! Would love to meet up with you again. This is Jarrod, we met on a U.S. Server at Green Mountain and decided to go scout out the military bases together. The first base we tried to stop someone in a truck but he drove off. At the second one you died, I think you fell off a ladder.. Either way would love to meet up again sometime.
  5. I'm new myself and felt the same but the more you play the easier it gets.
  6. I have only been to GM a few times, once I met a nice person so i feel it's worth it to return again In the future. However, with so many people there, talking all at once, it was near impossible to understand anything.
  7. Yes it was Gavin Jones, I applaud him. Hopefully one day I will meet him again!
  8. I hope this is the right spot to post this.. Last night was my first night in DayZRP, actually it was my first time playing DayZ all together. However, I did a lot of research and watched a lot of videos so I wouldn't hinder anyones RP by not knowing how to play the game at all. I wanted to say thank you to a man who called himself Gavin. We met on prison island and I asked if I could tag along with him, he said of course and was very nice as we traveled off the island. I shared beverages with him as we made a fire near a lighthouse. We decided to move on after warming up into a town near us to search for water. I lost track of him, couldn't find him in the town and decided to continue on without him. A few minutes later he shows up behind me! "Gavin! What happened?" I asked when he started to come closer when he told me to throw my hands up and get on the ground. I complied, pleading with him, telling him how he doesn't have to do this, I forgive him and we can continue together, that I don't mind sharing my supplies. He RPed very well saying various things like I need to learn to never trust anyone, and a bunch of other things that added to the realism. Long story short it was a very nice introductory experience to DayZRP. Gavin, if you read this, thank and sorry if I wasn't the best RPer for you!
  9. Lone wolf? Why play in a RP server then?
  10. You have to fully state every part of KoS. If you skipped one part, even if you know it, they don't know you do so you will get denied.
  11. I got mine on the second try. I was a little overconfident on the rules section my first time. I did fully understand all the rules but I didn't explain all of them. Understandable, just because I knew them they had no way of knowing I did.
  12. In a RP server, its kinda sad that someone would even attempt to drive a vehicle into the water. Wouldn't that be against the rules of acting in a way that shows no value for your characters life? among many others.
  13. Hello everyone. I found DayZRP from a bunch of YouTube videos and twitch streams. After watching the first I couldn't stop, I have spent many hours now watching various videos filmed on this amazing server. I knew I had to apply, currently waiting for my application to be reviewed. The names Jarrod, hope to play with you all soon!
  14. All great things take time. A few days or even weeks to finally get reviewed really isn't that bad at all.
  15. You are correct though, for example in RL i would never ask if someones phone was in their inventory. I would say in your pockets.
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