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  1. Why does everyone wear a mask?

    IC'ly My character prefers to wear a mask because he feels safer from airborne infections and diseases. With all the dead corpses, abandoned houses and buildings. He doesn't want to accidently get any infected blood on his face and mouth while killing a zombie and while he's scavenging for supplies he doesn't want to breath in any mold. Granted my character wears a respirator so he doesn't have that typical "bandit" look lol.
  2. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Your typical day at the Northwest Airfield
  3. Failed Robberies Thread

    That Grenade kill was FLAWLESS!!! Beautiful, simply beautiful lol
  4. Hey, the names Alex. Started playing dayz standalone to immerse myself in a post apocalyptic RP game. instead I found a bunch of loot happy players and hackers . I want to experience this game the way it was supposed to be played, actual survival. been searching for a place where I can play the game and interact with other players. Im looking forward to a great experience and to meet new people along the way. let the games begin lol