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  1. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the RP with you guys at GM earlier tonight. I was on before the server reset and couldn't get back in afterwards and gave up after half an hour. I was a witness at the trial. for the man who insulted your glorious leader.
  2. My only experience with you guys was southeast of Vibor a couple of days ago. There was a helicopter crash in that field there and I was there with two friends, one who said he was taken hostage by you guys but you guys didn't really do much to him. His name was Wellington Green / Chupacabra. Later I think some of you came to the helicopter crash and there were about 5-6 of us there and some trading went down. That's all I remember.
  3. Be careful with pumpkins. Saw a guy eat some on GM yesterday and he killed himself afterwards.
  4. DaMerc

    best kills you had?

    The only person I've killed is myself, twice. Once by falling into a hole in an underground military bunker and dying, the other by getting out of a truck and just instantly dying. So I think the truck one is my favorite.
  5. DaMerc

    Server has gone down during a hostage negotiation

    Yeah. Wellington and I were part of the group of 4 that came in during the middle of it, including the guy who just got randomly shot by the people who were holding you hostage, Jimmy. We stayed at GM for about 25 minutes or so after the server crash and they never came back. A few people that were outside did, Carl (I think his last name was Burnside) and another guy came later asking about you but that's it.
  6. Had a great time with two different groups today. Loved being a part of the Singing Militia that was on US2 earlier in the afternoon that started out in GM and then traveled down the coast to Kamenka and then east to Balota. That was great. We never really said our names so I don't know any off hand. Then had a great time later tonight travelling to GM and partaking in the hostage situation on US4 and seeing at least Elijah make it out alive. Mike Porter, Wellington and I missed you after the server crash. Jimmy, I hate that you just got shot there, that sucked man. We wanted to avenge you but never got the chance because of the server crash. Enjoyed the interaction and trading at GM on US4 after the server crash though.
  7. DaMerc

    Server has gone down during a hostage negotiation

    Neither the girl who was taken hostage nor the guys who were holding her hostage ever logged back on.
  8. This was actually the family Oops haha, fixed it.
  9. I wasn't really involved in the RP from this story, was more of an observer. I was at the northwest airfield with my friend on EU1 earlier tonight and we ran into a whole crowd of folks. Ended up there for about half an hour, maybe longer, and watched the Family terrorize this girl and her friend which ended with the girl being forced to listen to a poem. It was cool to watch and was pretty funny at times too listening to some of the other people that were there but just kind of doing their own thing.
  10. My friend and I found two trucks earlier tonight on EU1 near the western most military base, west of Myshkino. We went southeast, trying to go up the large hill that leads to Sosnovka and from there to Green Mountain. I finally got to the top in mine, got out to drink some water, insta death. Body disappeared and everything. My friend couldn't make it up in his truck so he ditched it at the bottom of the hill and took mine from the top. He picked me up in Cherno and we were making our way to the military base that's southeast of Pavlovo. Got through Komarovo, took the road northwest from there and as we were passing the farmhouse/field just southeast of the military base, the truck just flipped into the ground in the middle of the road. Was lucky we both survived.
  11. Nope, second try. Forgot to include the 2 hour limit for revenge on hostile acts in my first one.
  12. Was exploring a military base up North with some people. Went to the northern part of the base and found an area that was a concrete square basically and saw what looked like a small shed on the far side. Sprinted up to the opening in the shed and immediately fell 15 or so feet into a bunker and died. My lone death so far on DayZRP. I have major issues with falling in this game. Had broken my leg twice by falling 5-7 feet or so off of stairs.
  13. Just joined recently, I have a good friend who plays on these servers a lot and recommended it so here I am. Just wanted to say hey!