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  1. mozzi

    Misty roads

    Good read hopefully we'll meet in-game someday!
  2. http://i59.tinypic.com/o79bac.jpg again its not my fault that the video quality on you're end isn't clear enough to see me. I have no reason to lie why I am there.. it's actually kind of insulting that you think i'm lying.
  3. i'd like to also add stop blaming me for whistling, I was headed to green mountain FROM NWAF which is completely in other direction.
  4. I wasn't in your team speak so how am I supposed to know what two randoms with guns out shooting in my direction are going to do? if they didn't shoot the situation would have been different as simple as that. I had no way of know about a gun glitch or that I wasn't in danger from my POV.
  5. I'm done with my end of things ill leave it up to a game master. I've stated i'm right there and in the video you can see me not in these blurry photos.
  6. And those two shots you shot were right before that bush, hence the reason why I was laying down right there.
  7. Not a dirt spot on that picture it looks like one but watch the video right there no bush has a dirt spot behind it like that, that would be me my friend! looks like you've spotted me.
  8. My art of camouflage has seem to done itself good then. and yes I thought I was following both of them because I lost sight a couple different times. and then when I reached the forest I spotted one of them for sure so began to follow him thinking it was the one who shot at me and the other one was close by. I didn't know there were more then two people in the area, because it was night and on my settings night time is actually dark not lightened up by the brightness setting so yes out in the middle of a field/forest people look the same.
  9. watch from 1:35:50-1:36:05 you can see me laying there I just watched it again.
  10. That screen shots to blurry, and I don't know how to upload a picture onto this forum. watch the video a couple time's you cant miss me I seen myself instantly i'm literally laying on the side of the bush you are looking at and you can see my legs and backpack.
  11. If I followed them down I would of been behind them and wouldn't of shot because I wouldn't of had bullets just miss my head look on the video you can clearly see me at 1:36:01 in front of them right where they are shooting. Yea I should identify my targets you're right but the fact that there was no in-game communication and it was night it's hard to tell if someone is aiming at you first off and I was going to approach them on friendly terms when i first spotted them but they took shots first. assuming they didn't see me but at the time being how am I supposed to know that? all I thought was I am going be dinner for the party of two after they fired so yes I took it as an attempt on my life and returned shot's. like I said it was night I was trying to follow them lost them near the forest of Green mountain seen a person who I thought was one of them and followed him lost sight of him just before I got near the gates and then spotted you in the compound and shot ONLY because I thought you were one of the two. there were such a little amount of players on how was Isupposed to know that you were all in a group and going to be at green mountain?
  12. Okay I think I know where the mix up happened. when nyleea shot checks at 1:35:22 I was about 100m in front of them heading towards the mountain and when I heard shots I dropped to the ground behind a bush, you can actually see me in the video. I thought this was an attempt KOS on myself so I waited a moment and another shot came and just missed me again so I thought for sure they were shooting at me but rather taking pot shot's in my direction to try and draw me out. I stayed laying down you can actually see me in the video at 1:36:01 they walked right past me at and I didn't hear them say anything so I for sure thought again yes that they were trying to kill me but have lost sight of where I had gone. so I just waited patiently and when I took those shots back at them I went into the forest that was off to there left at 1:36:01 and waited there for a moment and proceeded to follow them to the city. When I was following them I lost sight so I thought they must of went back to green mountain so I headed up towards it in the tree line and when I was just hitting the bottom forest of Green mountain I spotted another man who looked as if he was following me because he looked right at me so I again hit the ground and just waited for a moment to see if he would say anything and nothing again so I thought that this was one of the two who originally shot as he looked very similar to the two in the video. I watched him as he yet again passed by me and headed towards Green mountain so I proceeded up there and I crawled my way up to just in front of the entrance and poked up for a moment to spot who was inside and that's I took the shot because the man sitting there looked identical to the people that were firing at me in the first place.
  13. I wasn't near green mountain at the beginning of this, I was on my way there from north west. when I came near a large patch of trees before the ones at the base of green mountain I was shot upon by two male suspect's identities unknown. they didn't say a word to me either just two shots nearly missing me so i returned 2 shots back and ran the other direction. while running away I decided since these two who shot at me they would have to answer for what they did so I to follow these men and they went back up towards the forest of green mountain. so as I followed them back up I lost a bit of ground between myself and them as it was very dark. when I entered back up into green mountain I seen a man who looked like the one of the men who shot upon me at the beginning so I took my shot. I am sorry if you were not involved but as I wasn't there prior I didn't think anyone else was up there but these two men
  14. Welcome you will enjoy you're stay here ! its a lot of fun
  15. My POV: I was at GM with adesh singh, I was talking to a couple people when I heard Dexter in VOIP say "this guy robbed me last night" as I went to see what he was talking about he proceeded to go on about how this guy robbed him yesterday and logged out.. making the RP very blah as he was talking OOC in VOIP. He then proceeded to say "look this guy is logging out" and shot him in the head. The man who was killed never spoke a word that I could hear either upon logging in or out.