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  1. Favourite Town

    Pustashka or the little village right above Silinsky
  2. [SUGGESTION] Whitelist functionality

    I read that once the server restarts it puts your name into the whitelist. So just wait for the dayzrp rok server to have a restart.
  3. Backpacks not staying on the ground?

    Yeah I had a tent in one of the packs was gonna go set up a base ( found a nice spot ) then it was gone the backpack. Just gonna go out then and find a new tent. Thanks for the info!
  4. Backpacks not staying on the ground?

    I've been using a backpack to store items for me lately and I went to go get some gear out of them and they were just gone. Did the Wednesday restart delete it?
  5. They're coming

    Can't wait for the new zombies!
  6. Persistence Question

    I was wondering how the persistence works. If you take gear and drop it all in the house will it stay there until Wednesday? Will new loot spawn in the house?
  7. Lore

    Is the rest of the world infected or just cheransus area?
  8. How to get better at roleplaying?

    I've been playing a little since I got white listed but I've been having problems rping. I feel awkward doing it. I also never know what to say to people when I meet them. Any pointers / tips?
  9. Not Whitelisted

    I was just kicked from the server for not being white listed but it says in the white list page "application accept" Did I do something wrong? Was it just a mistake?
  10. Question about how the lore works

    Yeah I know sorry I asked it confusingly but wasn't sure how to word it. But say I role play as a guy who was part of the outbreak but just woke up on the beach after being knock out or what not, and I wake up and meet a player and tell them my story. Would it not clash with theirs if say they have been surviving for 2weeks+? A person couldn't survive unconscious on a beach for weeks on end. So not sure what to do if something like this were to come up.
  11. Question about how the lore works

    So are all new characters from the beginning of the outbreak? Can I roleplay as a person who apart of the outbreak and woke up on the beach? Now if I can what if I meet someone but they have been playing since the new lore came in and that was along time ago for their character so wouldn't that clash? Hopefully I explained it well enough.
  12. What vehicles would you like to be added?

    I'd love for that white little car that was in the mod to be added. I loved that thing it wasn't the most powerful but the memories I had with that little car were just to awesome.
  13. EU S3 > 1st person only. [POLL]

    I vote yes for a first person only server. I love looking at my character but would much prefer the realism fp servers give.
  14. Common Terms & Report Charges

    Thank you, this helped clear some questions I was wondering.
  15. bandit or hero?

    What ever I feel like doing at the moment.