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  1. It doesn't matter what in-game settings I chance, AA problem remains... It work with every other game, including Dayz mod though... I think that there is some problem with DayZ itself...maybe just very rare but still a bug... I wonder if my GTX 650 is the problem, I've read before that some graphics cards have some issues with alt+tab
  2. I do not know how to check my DayZ memory usage because alt-tabbing crashes it, but I have 16 GB DDR3 and I can not imagine runing out of it... I turn on my PC every morning, I have page file disabled since it only slows things down
  3. When I first time applied I got accepted the same or the next day, but it was months ago. But because I did not make a forum post I need to be in that long que now...
  4. No problem.. No, I have this problem only in Dayz. It works in the mod and any other game. But for some reason I can't enable anti aliasing in Dayz.
  5. For the last few Dayz releases I am getting an instant crash if I alt-tab to desktop. It happens in menu, server list, game...it is always dayz.exe error. It is happening for the last 2 months. I updated graphics drivers many time since then, I have DirectX updated, I tried disabling steam overlay...the result is always the same. Game also crashes if I change anti aliasing to any different setting as disabled. Changing every other setting to anythign works fine. Am I missing something? Thanks This is from the dayz.exe error log on alt-tab APPCRASH DayZ.exe 54cf7e9b DayZ.exe 54cf7e9b c0000005 00939443 6.3.9600. 1060
  6. By any chance some of you own the new GTX 960? At the moment I have GTX 650 OC, I am satisfied but maybe thinking about upgrading.
  7. denisbence

    Favorite weapon?

    I prefer m4 with some optics
  8. I am on position 300 or something, it will take ages to get whitelisted, sadly I was already but I did not make a forum post I am thinking about donating, but will this put me under 20 or is priority que much longer?
  9. If I donate after I already submitted my whitelist application, do I get to the priority que or should I had to be a doner before I submitted it? Thanks
  10. Under the gameplay section, it say you can change your name in the Arma 2 OA menu EDIT: what I ment is that this is probably from the mod FAQ and not standalone version...