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  1. IGN: Mikhail "Mike" Nazarov Age: 16 Country: USA English skills: Native Language DayZ Mod Experience: About 2 years DayZ Standalone Experience: Since it came out Roleplaying Experience: Arma 2 and 3 life as well as a little DayZ RPing before. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Whatever I'm needed as Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Really looking for a good group I can play with a lot Best way to contact you: Steam (MWX2), Forums Backstory: Mikhail Nazarov was born in the United States after his parents fled Chenarus for a better place to live. When his parents left Chenarus, his mother was pregnant with him. Mikhail's mother wanted his grandmother to come to America with them, but his grandfather was very sick at the time. Mikhail's grandmother was only 60 at that time. 19 years later Mikhail "Mike" Nazarov wishes to return to Chenarus in search of his grandmother, in order to save her from the virus in Chenarus. He went (against his mother's will) to Takistan in order to find a way into the ravaged country. The borders we're shut tightly though. Mike decided to do what anyone would have done. He traded everything he had on him, leaving himself only a flashlight and some clothes, to have some Takistani soldiers smuggle him in. Mikahail was much influenced by western civilization. He doesn't have much of an accent, and he is somewhat spoiled, so having nothing to his name is very hard on him. However he is strong and extremely smart and clever. This can also be his curse too, as his ego can get in the way of survival. Mikhail will do whatever it takes to find his grandmother though.
  2. I've already turned in my app and reviewed it, did that at about 1 am Saturday morning, I'm just excited to play and want to get it reviewed faster. Since apps are down for the weekend are they still reviewing the ones already turned in?
  3. How much do I need to donate to have my application reviewed more quickly, and will donating automatically move my app up or do I have to notify someone?
  4. I'm on some pain meds now so the pain isn't that bad. Eating is interesting to say the least as I have no control over the right side of my mouth. I should be all good within the week though!
  5. So today I went to weight lifting for football. This was at 8 this morning. (I'm in the U.S. Eastern time). I've been lifting for two years now so I'm not a noob or anything lol. Anyways I was benching and we were using bands for some extra negative resistance. My coach is spotting me and one of the bands falls off the ring on the bottom. I rack it and my coach leans down to fix it. As he does this the bar comes flying down to hit me in the face. Blood EVERYWHERE. After I get somewhat cleaned up it turns out I have bitten clean through my cheek in 3 places. I spent the next 5 hours at the hospital getting stitches inside my mouth and around it. There's some pretty gruesome pictures that I can post if you'd like to see. (: just thought this would be an interesting story to share!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Michael. It's a pleasure to be a part of this community and please wish me luck to get whitelisted lol (: Lmao, what a great way to greet everyone, spell community wrong.