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  1. Thank you very much, i also really hope i get accepted. i spent quite a while on the back story. 36/390 something after 24 hrs. Prolly didnt do the best on the what is NLR/KOS in your own words questions. They're pretty well defined on this website and many others. Put in far more than the minimum 500 words on it at least. Time will tell.
  2. Was in a great firefight at NWAF, got outflanked and had to take cover in ATC (dumb, i know) killed two coming up the stairs of atc, another peaking from behind the hangers, and yet one more in the firehouse tower. Then me and my 2 buddies all fall dead at the same time. Im quite sure it was a group of friends, and when they died they got their buddy with a shoot you thru the walls hack to come and kill us. Oh well, regeared and back to it, think i might avoid nwaf on hi pop a lil bit more tho.
  3. Hey everyone. Been watching the site for a while and finally decided it was time to get away from pub servers, *#$!ing hackers everywhere! Also very excited for 0.53 which will give admins a bit more control over the servers they spend so much on. I've done a good bit of RPing on arma 3 Altis life and found it much more enjoyable than just shooting people at random, however i can't pull myself away from day z. I'm hoping this community can help me remedy that. White-list App submitted. I hope to see you all in game shortly!