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  1. i have my guid from a generator i used outside of this website for the whitelist. it says enter user id and hit calculate but when i do it says my id is incorrect....... what exactly is the whitelist asking for? does it want all the guid information or one of the ones listed steamid steamid3 steamid64 which one does it want or does it want all of them, simply joining a server to find the guid doesnt work for me though ive tried it many times nothing comes from it at all and this is getting rather annoying, he faq sent me to this http://www.dayzrp.com/t-how-to-find-your-guid but since gamespy doesnt host the servers anymore im lost.... i have never seen anything pop up in a server except a 2 page long line of numbers only in red...... can somebody explain why the whitelist calculator doesnt friggin work?
  2. thought this was for standalone as well not just the mod? oh well i can make that all happen eithr or, still working on my backstory before i fill out the app but great guide thanks for posting
  3. not a huge reddit fan....... but good guide none the less..... didn learn much from it since i already knew about everything he mentions but should help newer players

    DayZ RP Streamers

    silo and kiwo are what brought me here to this community. i will check some of the others here out as well
  5. hola........ checking in, first arbitrary required post. hope to see some of you online sooner or later