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  1. I really like this! Keep up the good work!
  2. I can't get into to Day Z RP but I still wanted to right a little story about the character I made for it. Name: Gorchev Golbelvich "Gorch" Age: 34 Nationality: Russian, Moved to Chenarus for work. Jobs/Skill: He was a Welder for a job and in his free time played music at various bars. Background: Gorch was born in Russia and gained a love for music at a young age. After completing school he got some money from playing music and went to a Welder's College. Upon completing his schooling he couldn't find any jobs in Russia so when he went to Chenarus for work at the age of 23. When the outbreak hit he didn't think much of it but when people in his town of Chenogorask he ran out to the forest and began a new life. This is his story. Gorch sat in the forest with his mighty wrench close. The things he had seen Chenogorask, they would haunt him for ever. Who would make such a virus that would make a human eat a human? He had pondered on the thought for days, he didn't wan't to go back out there and see the havoc wreaked upon his home and his city, but he was running out of food. Gorch got out of the small foresters hut he had found in search for food, but there was nothing in sight. He treked through the forest until he saw the road leading Chenogorask. He put down the welding helmet he had brought with him and snuck into the town. Gorch only head the wails of the tourtured souls. Gorch's home was only a short ways away so he went into his home and heard a sound. He looked into his home and saw a man milling around. It was one of the lifeless. He tried to sneak into his room and grab his backpack and some food but the monster looked back. Gorch took his wrench and tried to beat it to death only aggravating it. He screamed as he heard a gunshot and the monster fell down upon him. "Hey!", a man whimpered from behind him, "be quiet, sound attracts them." Gorch stepped back with a frightened look on his face,"Who are you?" The man said, "My name is Peter, now grab what you need from here and come with me. We need whatever we can get." Gorch quickly grabbed his food and his backpack, rushing outside with man. Gorch followed him until they got to a secluded road, the man stopped. "Hey, whats your name?" "Umm, Gorch. Why are you helping me?" The man, Peter, said,"We have to band together if we are going to get out of here. I heard a newscast a few days ago on this little Tv," He pulls a small screen from his pocket," BBC is still broadcasting about what is going on here. I think we have a chance of getting out of here if we can get to the border of Russia. Now lets keep on moving!" The men ran into the night in silence. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into the months the men had a brotherly bond between them. One day on there travels to Russia they found a small camp inside of an industrial factory. They hesitantly walked in, unknowing of what kind of camp this was. A guard at the gate told them to halt. They stopped and dropped their weapons. "We are friendly, we just want a place to rest and to trade for some food." The guard took their bags and weapons and let them go into the complex. They were guided into a dark room with blood splatters. Before they could say anything they were knocked out cold. Gorch woke up handcuffed in the room with Peter. "What the hell? What is going on here!" Gorch screamed. He looked at back at Peter, and his soulless eyes. Peter launched at Gorch while he was chained to the wall. A group of men stepped out from the shadows. "We forced meat from the Dunces outside into his mouth. We would do the same to you but, I think you are worthy to eat but before that. Entertain us." The man kicked a harmonica from his Gorch's bag to him. "Play it." Gorch growled as he picked up the harmonica with his teeth and blew into it creating a screeching sound. "TO HELL WITH YOU!" he screamed. The man took a knife from his vest stabbed Gorch's chest. He started to bleed and lose control of his vision as he dropped. *The whole reason I am only making a part one is because I don't know if the people here auctually want to see this kind of stuff. Now if they do, I will finish writing on the rest of his. He will later get out of this mess, find a group, have that group murdered, and it will end with what would have happened in DAYZ RP.
  3. It's cool, I'll just look at stuff on here and find a diffrent MMO to rp on.
  4. I get what you are saying. I may just have to find some other game to RP on. From what people have been saying it is highly unlikely that I will get accepted.
  5. I'm 14, I'm a writer so I love to Rp with people. I already found my passphrase and I know what all the rules are so that isn't a problem.
  6. I really like to rp my games so when I realized that Dayz had roleplay I picked it up. I went here to figure out how to get in and I found out you have to be 16. I don't want to break any rules or anything so I was wondering, I there some other way to roleplay Day Z?