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  1. To one of the shooting ranges in my snowy location.
  2. Ok fair enough, plan on calling them in the morning anyway. Just a little stressed and google isn't helping. Will wait. Thanks anyway.
  3. Gave police details about an incident with a neighbor, asked to remain anonymous, but now wondering if the neighbor will be allowed to see enough in the police reports to know if was me, since I gave them details about a very specific conversation. Sorry if the original post didn't make sense. Thoughts were everywhere while writing it.
  4. Say I heard the beginning and end of a domestic violence dispute, and witnessed the pale, bleeding-fisted offender babble to me about a specific matter, and the police later knocked on my door and asked me for details (didn't realize what had happened otherwise I would have called the cops myself). I relayed all the information (what I saw and heard, and then the weird shit the neighbor babbled about) and they asked me for a name for the report, but I asked to remain anonymous. Will the guy be able to read enough in the report for him to realize it was me who gave the information? Or when you are listed anonymous will they refrain from letting him have the details of my report? I was a little too panicked at the time to ask the officers for more details just now, and while I'm calling in the morning for further information, was wondering if any of you might know for the time being, if you've been in a similar situation yourself.
  5. I can't stop sifting through cringe videos now. [video=youtube]
  6. I live on the third floor of my building. Do those stairs twice a day for class. Oh yeah exercise.
  7. weedy wine

    [Game]If you captured the person above you (IG).

    Set up a pillow fortress and make you hang out with me there.
  8. All I want to do is hug him >.< [video=youtube]
  9. weedy wine


    Bang for sure.
  10. Maybe the character is still fat because he pokes through everyone's bags stealing goodies, and trades everything away, including guns, for more food? And only travels a small distance everyday before complaining his feet hurt and he wants a break?
  11. weedy wine

    Post pictures of your pet

    I had rats for a few years, they are the sweetest, silliest things ever. Yours are so cute. My dog Fomo. "pls don't make me wear the boots :("
  12. I could not fucking watch that video. Skipped around a bit, so painful. [video=youtube] Skip to two minutes for cringe.