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  1. [S2] Bad RP/Trolling

    I apologize about what happened. It was so long ago I'm not sure what to say about it. We didn't know the purge movie was a thing in the game, so we thought it would be realistic if there was a real purge going on. We agreed to not to do it again, didn't flow well with the Lore either. We take the RP server seriously, sounding like trolls were not our intentions. As far as I remember, we only tried the purge thing for sake of variety. When others went along with it, we thought it was okay to do it. We learned from our mistakes but punish us if you must, otherwise I would very much like to be unbanned and to continue role playing.
  2. S4 - KOS - Near Green Mountain by Water Pond

    What's going to happen once he doesn't respond? Permanent ban?
  3. S4 - KOS - Near Green Mountain by Water Pond

    About a minute after Strahil was hit and went unconscious, the shooter had hit me in the leg (after Strahil had stopped recording) and moved in to either confirm we were both dead or loot our bodies. When he was close enough, I had started to shoot him in the chest and legs with my AK74. I believe I killed him, but I'm not sure, because he shot me once again in the chest, which killed my character. -Kevin Collins EDIT: I don't have video evidence due to my frames dropping badly in certain areas of the map. GM is one of them.
  4. Invisible Zombies on S4 (Video Proof)

    Dem Police Cars doe.
  5. Some sort of gun (depends on your character's preference) Melee weapon (preferably an axe) Tons of surplus food and water for emergencies Rags and bandages for when you start bleeding. Backpack to store extra loot Jacket Cargo pants Boots Hat and sunglasses for fashion
  6. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my SteamID and GUID reset. Thanks! // Voodoo: GUID Reset, please re-enter on whitelist page
  7. if you could own any gun?

    I'd have a Glock 17 and any M4 variant complete with an optics scope and silencer.
  8. Joining DayZRP

    Welcome, and enjoy your stay! I have recently joined, too.