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  1. awesome ! didn't know you could read them, thank you =)
  2. Dégolas

    Permadeath Quinn Bauer?

    That's sad man... It depend if you feel that Quinn is finished, or if you feel that he deserve something better for his end... But in the firdt case, he should have a nice burial !
  3. oups thought it was for Dayz, sorry ^^
  4. great idea ! how is working the day night cycle exactly ? cause it would be awesome to have like 2h long days then an hour of night (so for example if you play during 3hours you have one day and one night in game)
  5. more rider jackets, in brown for example, and other civilians clothing
  6. Dégolas

    Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    It keep going better and better (ps: thank you again for the truck ^^)
  7. Tulga is gorgeous, easily defendable because it's pretty hard to go there (the pass is long to climb), and a good view on three Valley and Kamishovo...
  8. You are allowed to use TS. It is not wise (many do which if fine) to use teamspeak during a situation as it has a tendency to take away from the overall situation/experience especially for the hostage(s). cheers I joined not few days ago so i had to read carefully the rules, and actually it is a metagaming situation, wich is punishable, however it tend to be tolerated, but it ruin totally the immersion... "Metagaming is a broad term generally used to define any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Metagaming is when a player receives information that they otherwise should not have received in any reasonable role-play way." here are the rules about metagaming, and in the examples there is the sentence "Using information posted on the forums, acquired in TeamSpeak or any other similar way to your advantage." so technically it is a reportable attitude I will not report it since the OP is new here, but definitly stop using Teamspeak alone in the game, or if you do so use "push to talk" button and use the same assignement that you use in the game
  9. seriously speaking one teamspeak with your friend before the action ? It completely ruin the RP session, isn't it metagaming ?
  10. personally, i find it hard to meet anyone in the north, last week end i have been playing 3 hours in the north of the map with the server full, and i have met nobody there
  11. Have you ever been to the house near the lake at the north of the Electric station ? Lovely place for an Inn in my opinion ^^
  12. well it's really buggy right now, but i love it too (actually, it's my first spawn place ever (i played the game just at the time they released this town for the first time, they had no name and no Zombie at this time here, I was probably one of the first people spawning here ^^
  13. Hey folks, hope you are doing good ! So, what's your favorite town/village in Chernarus, and explain why ^^ Mine is Olsha and his little temple, at the feet of a nice hills and near Blunt Rock, and Shakhova near Staroye with his lovely view from the Oreshka Pass =)