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  1. Ah. Thank you, weird though lol.
  2. Screenshot of the occurrence[align=right]This is random but something happened when I decided to play on a public server on DayZ, just with some friends who aren't on the RP servers. We headed to the prison island but on our way swimming back my character said something strange he said "I just dropped the soap." Also, not sure if this has to do with the previous line but when we reached the main land my shoes were ruined, only my shoes. If someone could tell me anything information about this for example what triggered this, that'd be amazing. I've done some research and no one has said anything about something like this.Click this one while you're here too!
  3. Wouldn't it be even worse roleplay if someone asked you what your story was and you flat out told them? I mean think of it this way you just met someone and you're going to tell them your entire life story. If I meet someone and we stay together (and I also have built some trust with this person) and they ask what my story is, I usually just say I'll save it for the fire.
  4. Yeah, never understood that either, maybe their cells turned into supercells because of constantly being exposed to infections/bacterica? I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their ideas, for now I'll probably go with something like this one for now . The infection being airborne is also one that I really enjoy.
  5. Just wanted the community's opinion on this, today I met a man and he asked why I was wearing a black bandana over my face. I just simply said that it's my way of sneaking into stealing from bandit camps, I'm considering dressing the part as well, but what would you guys have said in that situation? I'm curious!
  6. Just wanted to say a brief hello, I'm 16 years old and I'm new to this community, I've only been on the servers for alittle as I'm abit nervous(not sure why), but I hope to be more outgoing and adventurous from this month and on. Where do most people hangout on the NA servers? If there are survivors out there who are willing to hangout don't be afraid to PM me