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  1. You see, I would report it, however, they often use fake names and do not hand-cuff me. Before I have time to check their pulse I'm already being robbed.
  2. If only I could record and still have a decent frame rate I would...
  3. I've been enjoying my hours on DayZRP, however recently, not so much. I've usually been happy and jog around the map making friends and helping people in need, however, I can't seem to do that now. 9 out of 10 times I get robbed, now this is solely and purposely for one item I have. Now, I don't feel close to these items, I don't care for them. However, what I do care about is the lack of RP. I feel people deem having gear over actually rping properly with someone. I'll give you an example: I meet a person, they are genuine (or so they seem). They start talking to you, then as soon as you go to drink or turn your back, they point their weapon at you and like a rehearsal, now I just get on my stomach and drop all my stuff. They take one item, let's say a scope. Run off and go do the same to another person, all for one measly item, disregarding any form of actual proper RP. You see, I feel this just tarnishes any form of RP. Their isn't any cool exciting story behind the person, they barely talk to me and just simply want my in game items. I hate this, I'm not sure if it is just me who feels this way. Do any of you?
  4. I assume people do it to as you said, "Cover their asses" and if anything interesting does happen uploading it to YouTube. I mean, if I could record I would and everytime I've gone to a Community Helper or Moderator about an in game issue, I am almost instantly met with "Did you record it?"
  5. Stary, just Stary, never have I ever not had a fire fight when I've entered Stary.
  6. Name: Ross Martin Age: 28 Height: 6'2 Weight: 240 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel Pre-Outbreak Profession: Soldier - Charity Worker Demeanor in Three Words: Charitable, witty, aware
  7. Green Mountain is often a miniature safezone (however it often doesn't remain that way for long), but adding a safezone will remove the immersive experience of DayZ if one is implemented by server rules. Furthermore, I enjoy the feeling of having to be on your toes, ready to react to anything and it adds much more RP if groups of survivors run their own.
  8. Welcome! I hope to see you in game and roll with you when you get accepted!