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  1. boom! you guys just invited me and said i could join, so i'm sorry to say you'll have to put up with me until i leave, you kick me out or you disband the group. also, don't forget you only get a 10% cut of my earnings - and you promised not to beat me.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): there is no such thing. i was banned for playing on a server (the german server, time was late wednesday evening 2015-02-11, i didn't record the time properly, but it should have been around 23:00 CET) and getting kicked for bad RP name and rejoining the server without changing my name. if there is a thread or message for this, i'm afraid i don't know how to find it - and i have not seen it. it says here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-ingame-names that bad name bans are temporary. when i asked in the helpdesk via teamspeak, i was told i would have to create a ban appeal,. my name was "Jolly Swagman". it's now changed to "Duman Orujov" Why the verdict is not fair: i had no understanding of the context and no proper understanding of the kicked message in and of itself - nor did i receive any information about this my during or after creating my application. after understanding what actually happened - i changed my name in game straight away. of course, the verdict wasn't really unfair in any way at the time. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: my application was accepted to the whitelist and i didn't receive any complaints about my name at the time. there was not enough information available to me (eg: "admin: change your name") - and i prioritized getting back in game to continue the role play with players in my vicinity. after the fact - i also changed my name. i simply introduced myself to others under the name of "jolly". i believe no one checked my pulse, even though i cant be 100% sure of this as a fact, since i had quite a bit of interaction with others. how ever, i tried backing off as soon as anyone came too close, in accordance with the suspicious and careful nature of my character. i now understand you need a proper name, nicknames are not acceptable, even if you've written your character around it. from now on, i'll always use a proper name. i have learned my lesson and will always investigate any kicked messages properly before trying to rejoin a server again. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: getting unbanned so i can continue to play on the german server - or at least getting an estimate on how long the temp ban will last. What could you have done better?: several things. i made stupid mistakes. i didn't pay proper attention to the kicked message at the time and just assumed it was some random battle eye bug. i didn't even google it - which was terrible judgement on my part. i was too anxious to get back on the server as soon as possible to avoid ruining the experience for anyone in my proximity. i could have picked a better name - even though the name i choose was very fitting for my character. i understand why it may have been perceived as bad, especially if you don't have knowledge of what a "swagman" actually is. reference for your convenience, if you're curious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swagman i hope i didn't post this in the wrong place or manner and that i've included all the relevant information. i'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for my stupidity. thank you.
  3. meffo

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    something went wrong with my GUID after my application. can i please have it reset? thank you. edit: player id should be fine, a reset of the GUID should do it. // Voodoo: GUID Reset, please re-enter on whitelist page
  4. suicide by pencil or scaring someone shitless with a sawed off shotgun and wolf mask seems like good candidates. i'd rather be killed by someone else than killing myself. maybe get to know someone and start telling them stories of all the horrible things you've done. or eating human flesh and stating you're friendly.
  5. the main reason for me posting this is that i don't want my account deactivated. how ever, i might as well take this opporutnity to introduce myself. i'm arvid and i'm from sweden. i currently live and work in gothenbug. i've been role playing for most of my life and i have been playing computer games since the early 90"s bought dayz in early 2014 and have been having fun with it on and off since then. as i'm sure most of you agree on, the biggest problem with the game (except for stability issues, mind you) is the shoot on sight-mentality. most players don't seem to be enjoying the sand-box features and don't play for anything other than loot, which is a very sad thing indeed. looking forward to a richer experience of this game with like minded people. feel free to send me a message or what ever.