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  1. Just watched all of these! Some great work guys! Cannot wait to see the winner!
  2. Name: Cameron Redfearn Age: 31 Height: 186 cm Weight: 79 kg Nationality: British Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: Teacher Demeanor in three words: Cautious, Determined, Resilient
  3. Hey! My name is Jay or Cameron in-game, I thought i would take a moment to introduce myself to the community! I've not yet submitted my white list application, although the urgency of which i complete it has been increased after seeing how many "hello" posts have been made tonight! You guys must be seriously busy! That said, i refuse to rush it and i still have a couple of plot holes to fill before i'm completely satisfied! I've been RP'ing in games of different forms for a few years now but this will be my first attempted at spoken RP! A challenge that i am looking forward to a lot - but would welcome any tips or advice. I have been playing Day-Z since early mod days and purchased the standalone soon after release, however due to the "state" of the game and RL commitments it remained largely untouched for until recently! I'm not entirely sure on how i intend to play on this server, i'm used to lonewolf or small group game play, so i may attempt to join a larger group to shake things up, or stick to what i know, only time will tell! Anyway - i will stop rambling on - i look forward to meeting you all in game (hopefully!) Cheers!