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  1. I suppose we won't get any further with this, neither of us have any video or anything simmilare. i guess we misunderstood each other, i never noticed you were two people either could be my fault could be yours, let's enjoy Dayz instead of this. Have a nice day!
  2. First, no i did not hear you on the airfield at all, i spoke with another guy 10 mins before this thing. and no im not angry about my "great gear" im angry about the fact that you do not even give me 1 second to even drop my weapon, this isn't any Dayz server this is RP and maybe we should stay true to that instead of shooting each other point blank?
  3. Server and location: S3 Near balota airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:05 07/03/2015 Daytime or Night-time: Day Time Your in game name: John Wicker Names of allies involved: None Suspects weapon/s: Some kind of shotgun. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events I came from balota Airstrip had been looking around for a bit of ammo, i came out and went down to a small house near the beach. I went inside to look for some food, then i heard someone outside the house saying something (could not hear what, i took my ak into my hands) i then came out and he was pointing his shotgun at me, he then said "drop your weapon" and without me having ANY time to do so he shot me point blank and i died instantly. this is clearly KOS i had no chance to comply what so ever.
  4. Now, i´ve been reading this whole thing and i do not want to argue with either part. but K-Jack your story doesn't seem to add up. Neither does any of you have any real prove of this? isnt this just plain and simple checking the death logs, your could argue for an eternity and never get any further in this. sorry for interfering, however this is my opinion.