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  1. I'll be available to talk sometime after 4pm est tomorrow and hopefully we can figure out a way for everyone to move forward. I'll keep an eye on this post once I get home from work to see when the best time to hop on ts is.
  2. Bobby's PoV. As others have stated already we were a pretty large group that decided to initiate on the people in Kabanino. I took up a position upstairs in the green house where I could have clear line of sight to where the initiation was to happen ( in front of piano house if I'm not mistaken ). The initiation started as I could hear in game from where I was at. It had been stated beforehand that if they didn't comply we were to shoot. As such as soon as I started hearing gunfire and seeing people scatter I did what I assumed the plan was from the beginning and shot the first guy who I'm learning from the reports was Derek. I held my position a bit longer while ts became a bit chaotic. As I waited a man in a repirator came up to Derek's body and started peeking in and out of the wall surrounding the barn area. It was only the suspicious behavior that caused me to decide to shoot him as well as it seemed to me that he was trying to line up a shot at me since I could tell he knew where he was. Afterwards, I moved position and met up with the others who had taken the one man hostage. I would have stayed on longer, but as it was getting late in the evening and I work in the am I eventually moved off to log off for the night. I did my best to stay for the thirty minutes after hostilities, but it is possible I only managed 20-25. I wasn't recording at the time so I unfortunately don't have any video evidence of my own. Any other questions, I'll be happy to answer.
  3. Well I had a few issues with my first app, but hopefully everything is worked out and the second time is the charm.
  4. I appreciate the responses. I'll explore some more and wait. Luckily I can be patient when the need arises. It'll just give me time to flesh out my char more in my mind before diving in.
  5. After checking back multiple times on the status of my whitelist, I can't help but notice that my number in the que is increasing rather than decreasing. I must say this is a little disheartening. I understand people who donate get a priority on the list, but I find it hard, personally, to donate to a server where there is a decent chance I might not even be accepted to. Anyone have any advice to share?
  6. Fantastic guide! This should really help in developing my character past a mere basic outline.
  7. Hey guys. Thought I'd go ahead and say hello while I patiently wait on my whitelist. Looking forward to all the little adventures I'm sure to have with everyone!