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  1. As a member of T.O.R. I was required to protect Prud. And as previously said, it is not just Prud that is the problem. I also have real life commitments.
  2. The problem arose not from losing my stuff, but losing my stuff almost daily, sometimes more than daily.
  3. I am sad to say that as much as I love DayZRP, and have had some great times with you all, I will not be continuing these adventures due to all that has happened surrounding the New Prud settlement project. I do not want to have to put up with unprovoked attacks and losing everything I have on an almost daily basis. Maybe I will return some day, but for now, all these problems with being in T.O.R. are too much. Thanks all, farewell, and good luck!
  4. Here's the first part of last night's CPATS passenger run. Some pretty interesting a funny parts. Hope you enjoy: Also, you can follow me on Twitter Or go to my Twitch account. Please don't forget to follow and subscribe if you enjoy the content
  5. Will commence stream within next hour. Watch it here: www.twitch.tv/zbajoz ______________ Will do Tom!
  6. I will be hosting another livestream tonight at between 8-9pm server time. Should be myself and at least 2 of my clanmates, but who knows who else we'll bump into along the way. Feel free to come along for the journey. I expect the livestream to last anywhere between 2 and 6 hours, although may go on for longer if enough crazy stuff happens, as it usually does in DayZRP. Hope to see you there: http://www.twitch.tv/zbajoz
  7. I know that much Sky. I was only wondering if people would prefer me to stay in character always, or talk out of character to them.
  8. Thanks. Ready to stream again Thanks to everybody who joined me. Hope to be streaming again tomorrow evening, any time from 20:00 server time onwards. Should have at least one clanmate with me next time also
  9. Ill give it a try and start up again ASAP How can I get the key I need to stream to Twitch through OBS?
  10. Stream should start around 3:30 server time. Don't know how long it will be for. Gotta walk my dog first though lol Link to stream: http://www.twitch.tv/zBAJOz Was having some technical issues, but should be okay now Enjoy guys, and please leave me feedback. Also, if anybody knows, is there any way for me to see the Stream Chat through xSplit?
  11. Thanks for the offer Khardia. If I run into issues, I may have to take you up on that offer
  12. I hope to be doing a test livestream within the next hour. Just some simple looting on my own to make sure that my streaming software is working properly. I would appreciate you guys coming along and giving me feedback on quality etc. My question though is, when livestreaming, would you guys prefer if I stayed in character all the time, as this is DayZRP after all, or spoke out of character. If you could vote in the poll above to save a load of replies. If you guys would like to come and watch, I will post a link up for the livestream shortly. Thanks guys UPDATE: Link to Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/zBAJOz
  13. BAJO

    The problem with trade post executions

    Mainly just lots of people yelling at me lol
  14. BAJO

    The problem with trade post executions

    I admit I killed the man who was stolen from, and I apologise. I however would like to plead my case. Firstly, we had 3 parties: 1) The guy on the left, he who I thought was the accuser 2) The guy on the right, he who I thought was the accused 3) Myself When I asked 1)if he had evidence, he didn't provide concrete evidence, so I went in 2)'s backpack and asked 1) if he had had a pistol in his bag and he had said "no, but I was just about to put a Makarov SD in my bag", and 2) had a Makarov SD in his bag. So naturally I thought 2) was the thief, so when he opened fire on 1), I acted under the impression that the thief (2) had just killed the accuser (1). I realise now that I was wrong, and again, I apologise. It was a mistake due to miscommunication. If you want to file a report then so be it, but just know that it was a genuine mistake.-